Jesse McCartney dating

About. Jesse McCartney is a 33 year old American Singer. Born Jesse Arthur McCartney on 9th April, 1987 in Ardsley, New York, USA, he is famous for Dream Street, Beautiful Soul/Bradin Westerly on Summerland in a career that spans 1999–present and Musical career. Jesse McCartney and Katie Peterson started dating in 2012. Though they went public with their relationship in 2013, the couple started dating in 2012. As for how they met, Jesse explained in an interview that they met at a bar while he was celebrating a friend's 27th birthday. A look at Jesse McCartney's dating history. Who is Jesse McCartney dating now? View past relationships, dating news, rumors, net worth, and full biography. On 9-4-1987 Jesse McCartney (nickname: Jmac) was born in Ardsley, New York, USA. He made his 8 million dollar fortune with Beautiful Soul/Bradin Westerly on Summerland. The musician is dating , his starsign is Aries and he is now 33 years of age. Jesse McCartney is single. He is not dating anyone currently. Jesse had at least 11 relationship in the past. Jesse McCartney has not been previously engaged. He was born to Ginger and Scott Mccartney, who encouraged him to perform in local community musicals when he was seven. He is an older brother to siblings Lea and Tim. Jesse McCartney has officially found his “Beautiful Soul” in soon-to-be wife Katie Peterson! The singer, 32, is engaged to longtime girlfriend and actress, Peterson, after popping the question ... Who is Jesse Mccartney Dating Now Girlfriend 2018. Before this, he to dated Danielle Panabaker and was supposed to be in a relation with Jasmine Waltz. In this same time duration, he had an affair with Danielle Savre. Meanwhile, he had an attachment with Eden Sassoon, soon they also got separated. Jesse McCartney's found a beautiful soulmate in Katie Peterson!. The 'She's No You' singer officially popped the question to his longtime love, Us Weekly has exclusively confirmed. Per the report, the 32-year-old musician asked for the Step Up Revolution actress' hand in marriage on Friday (September 13) at Cut by Wolfgang Puck at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel. Jessie McCartney popped the question at a restaurant in Beverly Hills on Friday, Sept. 13. The couple has been dating for 7 years. Jesse McCartney, 32, is engaged!The singer popped the question to ... Therefore, the continuous effort in the entertainment industry had Jesse McCartney’s net worth stack up to $9 million as of 2020. Relationships: When will Jesse McCartney marry his long-haul girlfriend? Finally, in 2019, the duo, Jesse Mccartney and Katie Peterson engaged after seven years of dating.

Guesses for Group A and Personal Opinion

2020.02.09 05:22 TheGinger3 Guesses for Group A and Personal Opinion

Here's my giant list for my guesses for this group: (Spoiler alert! Here's my warning now btw)
Because I love doing this, here's my mega list. My family goes nuts over this show, and we all have themed notebooks (I have a T-Rex notebook!) These clues come from my own research and also this sub and Joey Contino (love that guy!).
Jordin Sparks! I'm not as confident in this guess, but I do believe it is Jordin Sparks. She was on American Idol, obviously, but after the competition, she was known really just for dating Jason DeRulo (and subsequently breaking up with him). In February of 2018 she lost 4 people (stepsister, cousin, and two friends). I don't know much about the relationship with Jason, but my mom says he was a jerkface to heabout heetc, and I saw a quick news article saying she dipped out of a conversation with a reporter real quick when they brought up Jason. She also is currently with a guy named Dana and was pregnant within a month of being married. So now has a 1 year old son named Dana Jr (called DJ per someone else on here). Her father played in the NFL for 9 years and her brother plays football as well. She also "beat the beatboxer" according to one headline, so maybe they're blending sports to throw us off track? She played basketball and softball growing up as well.
Miss Monster:
Chaka Khan! Joey pointed out the key with the "Fun" on it pointed to "funky" which is quite fun. Anyways, Chaka is quite the queen (chess piece). The number 10 could reference her 10 Grammys. She is known for her hair (furspray), and makeup (lipstick mic, etc). Oftentimes when the mask references well known songs/artists, it's not them. I heard "You Made me Feel", Celine Dion (titanic), Monster Hits (Dionne Warwick? Trusting Nicole so maybe not a great idea).
Jesse McCartney. Part of Dream Street (surrounded by newcomers, but they fizzled out), but also as Joey pointed out, the phrase on the chalkboard "Don't Rave Ever At My School - Turtle" spells out "DREAM ST" as an acronym. Since Jesse was a Disney kid, he always had to be the "good kid" as per usual with Disney kids. The surf board is a reference to his Teen Choice Awards, and the references to the burgers could be for Burger Records. The references to pirates/booty could be his character on Fear the Walking Dead as a pirate, or as his role in Tinkerbell and Treasure Island or something like that. The gold medal is referencing his gold record. Ginger Snaps on the menu could be for his mother (and manager?) Ginger,
White Tiger:
Rob Gronkowski. This one is so obvious and I am so so excited for it! Gronk is just hilarious and wonderful. So to start, is Gronkowski is 6'6" and the height works compared to Nick. The poster with Abe Lincoln, George Washington, and Benjamin Franklin could be considered Patriots of our country (the football team, obviously). The "four score and seven years" is 87 years, which is his jersey number, and also coincidentally he played in 4 Super Bowls in his 7 year NFL career (technically 5, but was injured in one). There was a reference to 51 Clam Shucking (New England Clams), and also played in Super Bowl 51. The try outs was on 5/3, and Gronk played in SB 53 as well. The taking to the mat, he has a lot of wrestling buddies and has wrestled in a ring or something. The dancing is just soooo Gronk, that I can't even. Joey pointed out the skiing cow photo is "Cow Ski" which gron-Cow-Ski.... Other quick clues is "block" party, and "let's party" since Gronk is known for partying.
Personal Opinion This Season
So my personal opinion this season is that it's different, but great. I am more than fine with having half of the people being "fun" and the other half being good singers. And for the voting aspect, keep in mind the audience only sees the person once. So, even if they have been the absolute best the entire season, but have one lower energy performance *cough cough Rottweiler cough cough*, they could go home because the audience hasn't developed the love for them. The other part is that it is not a straight singing competition. They ask the audience to vote for their favorite, not who was the best. So you will have some people voting for the best singer, because to them that is their favorite. And you will have others voting for the most exciting and best performer. And what ends up happening is that the middle of the road will go home. The ones who are the best singers and the best performers will stay in longer than the middle of the road people. It's why the White Tiger is and will stay in longer than he should just due to his singing ability. I've said it in other comments, but the producers made a serious point to say that Victor Oladipo (and Ninja) was a huge hit and that they are going to widen the celebrity pool that they pull from. Masked Singer has never really been a true singing competition (Unicorn beat Monster remember and how far did LaToya get?). So you pit White Tiger who makes everyone laugh and is just super energetic, against anyone else, and you'll get plenty of people voting for him. I would in a HEART BEAT. So now the audience members who vote based on entertainment will vote for him, and those who do best singer will likely go Kangaroo and/or Turtle. I am more than fine with having fun people like Gronkowski and couldn't care less if they can't sing well at all. They're fun and bring in so many new people. My aunt is a huge sports nut and loved Oladipo and loves Gronkwoski, and most of us had no clue who Ninja was, but my 16-18 year old cousins flipped out of their minds when Ninja was revealed. But of course, they had no clue who Johnny Weir was. I love the mix and love that so far the people and my guesses are people that are well known to a vast majority of people. Even if you don't listen to rap, a large number of people know of Lil Wayne. Even my mother knew Lil Wayne and knew his face and not just when they said the name. Same with all the other guesses.
Anyways that's my rant, thanks for listening!
TL;DR: Kangaroo - Jordin Sparks, Miss Monster - Chaka Khan, White Tiger - Gronkowski, Turtle - Jesse McCartney, and I like that they aren't all good singers because we get far more fun people.
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2020.01.14 11:07 Sun_Bearzerker My family has alienated me and played favorites all my life, and I think I may finally know why?

I just read a AITA update about a kid who's sister got a car and he didn't, albeit he deserved it much more.
A lot of the comments were outlining how maybe it's because he was far more capable and independent, and the parents didn't see him needing the "extra love". How people's parents growing up would devote more time and attention to the children that seemed to need it then the ones who didn't.
All my life I've been the social pariah of my family. I was the smart one, the studious one, the one that didn't fuck up (or if I did I hid it well and cleaned it up myself). I was my deadbeat, absentee father's proclaimed "favorite" because I was "his boy." I think this actually lessened my standing in my grandparents' eyes because I was always compared to my father physically. I used to think maybe this is why I wasn't the most welcomed, but I can't chalk all of this up to that issue though, because both my older sisters also take after our father a bit. I lost any perks of being "the boy" with my grandfather or grandmother because I'm a faggot, so all the honorary gun range visits, passing down of cool weaponry, and "man stuff" has become my brother-in-law's relationship with my grandfather. My newborn nephew apparently is already written in the will to inherit my grandpa's guns, and my brother-in-law to inherit his truck. My sister and BIL get the house, and I apparently get like 2-3 things from the safe from what I've been told.
Honestly, I don't care about inheritance, I just care that it's so fucking unfair.
My sister ALWAYS gets the hand me down appliances. My sister ALWAYS gets help from our grandparents, whether it be financial or advice or shopping or whatever. I try calling my grandmother several times a month and she may answer once every 2 or 3 months, MAYBE, quoting her reasoning as being "so busy" but then I see photos on Facebook of my sister and her getting their hair done or going to garage sales.
When my sister and I were 8 and 10, they redid the guest room in their home that WE would stay in when WE visited. What did they make the room? Pink walls, cheetah print light fixtures, Jesse McCartney shirtless posters, bedazzled lights and bead curtains, and a giant princess style bed with light pink curtains and a dozen different soft pillows. But oh, where did I sleep? IN A FUCKING PULLOUT BED UNDER HERS WITH A SINGLE $5 HARD ASS PILLOW.
They were accepting of my sister dating a 21 year old Navy man when she was 14, whom we all later found out was married. They have been head over heels with my sisters now husband who was 22 when she was 17, they are now 25 and 30. However they won't even fucking acknowledge the love of my life as my boyfriend, and I'm sure they won't acknowledge him as any other name in later milestones, because he's a man. My sister has given me shit and told my grandparents that he's older (I'm 23, he's 28) so now my grandparent's likely think he's a pedophile or something because I'll bet you good money she didn't say it was the same age gap she and her husband have. My grandmother has even told me to my face she doesn't know if she'd ever be able to be a part of my relationship or any future wedding or anything because she doesn't know if she can be ok with it. When I came out, she told me she was just worried "the world would be even harder for me because of this". Well bitch, congrats on fulfilling your own concern.
They don't believe me when I say something, and I'm the most honest person on that side of the family. My sister lied to them TWICE about graduating high school, they even bought her a several hundred dollar watch as a present and took us all out for an expensive meal, meanwhile I graduated cum laude and got no present and was taken to Saltgrass. I went to a 4 year university on a full ride scholarship and all I was told was "Don't fuck up". Ya, because I totally planned to? And when 2 years later my grandparents on my mother's side die within a week of each other and I, after having a psychotic break realizing I was now homeless aside from my dorm room, was in the mental hospital for 2 weeks they never even knew. They don't know to this day. But the only help I asked them for was to cosign on a student loan of about $5000 a year so I could stay in and they denied me that (I lost one of my grants for failing a course that semester, since I couldn't pull out of classes or I'd have been homeless).
They didn't help me the 2/3 total times I asked for help. The one time they did, I asked for them to buy me a cheap ass hotel room for 2 nights so I could go to a job convention to find employment within my field, the other 2 were for help with that student loan and help to ship some stuff across country. Yet I found out later on in life that they helped my sister sign for a $30,000 Tahoe. They've helped her and my BIL quite a lot when they fell on hard times. Meanwhile I'm at the point to where I don't even ask them.
But you know what? Beyond all this rant and all the bullshit favoritism... I'm fucking proud of myself. Reading those comments on the AITA thread made me realize that maybe, just maybe, it wasn't only bullshit favoritism or bullshit xenophobia that made them do this. My sister has always been 1 bad break up from losing her shit. She's always been 1 wrong turn from being a lose cannon. I've always been stronger, more consistent, more sturdy. I've always mapped my life out 5 steps in advance and kept myself afloat with whatever means I had necessary, and I always hated asking for help. Maybe they realized I didn't need it as much as she did. My eldest sister is a lot like me, and she wasn't really in our lives until much later, so she's not really a valid comparison (my dad had a child from a relationship before marriage, she was known of, but never talked to until my middle sister found out and connected with her at age 15), but in looking at how they act with my eldest sister and I, the independent ones, in response to how they act with my middle sister... then ya, maybe part of it is that they saw her as needing more love, and honestly I find a bit of peace in that.
So thank you for coming to my TED talk. I needed this rant, and it's 1 AM here and my bf is passed out and sawing logs next to me (jfc he's so adorable), so you guys are my option. I really appreciate anyone taking the time to actually read all this shit.
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2019.08.09 01:02 Pickup_your_nuts Today in History 9/08

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2019.03.11 22:03 HelloStonehenge "Ah. The searing kiss of a shattering finals loss; how I missed you. I mean, I think I'm dying." - The Melbourne Demons 2019 Season Preview

Oh fuck me, look, it’s season preview time. Literally my only contribution as mod for /melbournefc. Let’s go.


2006 was a simpler time: Snakes were on Planes, Snow Patrol released ‘Chasing Cars’ (what a tune), and I was still an optimistic 12-year-old boy trying to ask girls on dates through MSN Messenger. This was also the last time the Melbourne Football Club made the finals. Since then, the Demons have been through a period of what experts can only surmise as “being real fuckin’ shit at footy”.
However, flash-forward to 2018 and Nathan Jones - the only surviving member of the “real fuckin’ shit at footy” years - leads his team onto the MCG turf for their first finals appearance since the Motorola RAZR was the phone of choice.
2019 sees the Melbourne Football club with a strong list, finals experience, and a scary new feeling of “justified optimism”. We don’t quite know what it is, or how to handle it. But one thing is for sure: fuck yeah.

Melbourne Demons • /melbournefcMelbourne Football Club Official Website
2019 Fixture
Home Ground: Melbourne Cricket Ground (Capacity: 100,024)

Nathan Jones (Co-Captain)
Jack Viney (Co-Captain)
Max Gawn
Neville fucking Jetta

Simon Goodwin - Senior Coach
Brendan McCartney - PlayeCoach Performance Manager
Craig Jennings - Game Analyst and Education Coordinator
Troy Chaplin - Back Line Coach
Justin Plapp - Midfield Coach
Ben Matthews - Stoppages/Contest Coach
Max Rooke - Forward Line Coach
Matthew Egan - Head of Player Development
Jade Rawlings - Casey Demons VFL Senior Coach


Finished 5th: P:56, W:14, L:8 131.4%.

Best and Fairest
First – Max Gawn (Keith ‘Bluey’ Truscott Memorial Trophy) – 657 votes
Second – Clayton Oliver (Syd Anderson Memorial Trophy) – 595 votes
Third – James Harmes (Ron Barassi Senior Memorial Trophy) – 468 votes
Fourth – Nathan Jones (Ivor Warne Smith Memorial Trophy) - 449 votes
Fifth – Tom McDonald (Dick Taylor Memorial Trophy) – 443 votes

2018 In Review
After missing out on finals in 2017 by the percentage equivalent of a bee’s dick, we finally made finals and looked good doing it. Melbourne were the highest scoring team in the competition in 2018. Tom McDonald sold the competition on his transition from a defender who would consistently bite off more than he could chew, to being a strong contested mark and a dead-eye-dick in the forward line. We don’t know how this happened either.
The AFL’s most loveable ruckman in Max Gawn and most hateable inside mid in Clayton Oliver paired up to form the strongest centre clearance team in the comp. They were joined by Angus Brayshaw, Nathan Jones, and the emergence of James Harmes, who established himself as one of the AFL’s most dangerous taggers.
New defensive recruit Jake Lever went down with an ACL injury early in the season, which left our defence with a lack of mature defensive talls (Oscar Mcdonald and Sam Frost are still works in progress). However we managed to plug some holes by sending Max Gawn back every now and then, while Michael Hibberd and Neville Jetta (who plays like he’s taller than Max Gawn) swept up and mostly kept things neat and tidy.
We looked strong throughout most of the season. Winning most of the games we should have won (let’s ignore that St. Kilda game, like what the fuck even happened there), and lost a handful of games by under 10 points. The best win coming against eventual premiers West Coast in Perth to secure our finals spot for the first time in 12 years.
The climax of 2018 was easily this goal by Nathan Jones in the first week of finals. Not only because it was against Geelong - a team that had beaten us in two close games throughout the 2018 season, including an after-the-siren goal - but because Nathan Jones is the only player from the 2006 finals team that made it through to the 2018 finals squad. I’m not even sure how he hasn’t developed some sort of footy PTSD. I was at this game and at this end of the field. It was emotional. After Jonesy hit this goal, I was drenched in liquid: beers were spilled in celebration, tears of joy were shed, and there was an unnamed liquid in my pants that I won’t talk about. Anyway, turns out winning finals is really fucking great.
We eventually bowed out of finals and ended our season in an embarrassing display of a prelim to the eventual premiers in Perth, but let’s not talk about that either.


Traded Cat B Rookies Draft
Braydon Preuss (traded from North Melbourne for Dom Tyson) Austin Bradtke (basketball) Tom Sparrow (27)
Steven May (traded from Gold Coast for pick 6) Guy Walker (cricket) James Jordon (33)
Kade Kolodjashnij (traded from Gold Coast for pick 6) Aaron Nietschke (53)
Marty Hore (56)
Toby Bedford (75)
Delisted Traded Retired
Tomas Bugg Dean Kent (St Kilda) Harley Balic
Lochie Filopovic Dom Tyson (North Melbourne) Bernie Vince
Dion Johnstone Jesse Hogan (Fremantle)
Mitch King
Pat McKenna
Cam Pederson
BEST 22 (probably)
B Neville Jetta Steven May Jake Lever
HB Michael Hibberd Oscar McDonald Christian Salem
C Nathan Jones Clayton Oliver Angus Brayshaw
HF Alex Neal-Bullen Sam Weideman Christian Petracca
F Charlie Spargo Tom McDonald Jake Melksham
R Max Gawn Jack Viney James Harmes
INT Kade Kolodjashnij Jordan Lewis Aaron vandenBerg
Bayley Fritsch
EMERG Jayden Hunt Braydon Preuss Sam Frost
Mitch Hannan

2019 Pass Mark
Top 4 and a competitive prelim loss at a minimum.

Concerns for 2019
Our backline concerns have been somewhat addressed with the acquisition of Steven May a matured, tall defender (as long as he can go most of the year without transitioning into a UFC fighter).
Now our attention turns towards the forward line. We lost Hogan to Fremantle in the trade period, which feels like it should be a concern, however our scoring strength mostly came from our ability to share the load with our small and medium forwards. Jake Melksham is one of our most dangerous players, with Petracca, Hannan, Fritsch, Spargo, and Vanderberg all being proven goal-kickers.
In the back end of 2018, Sam Weideman proved that he can be damaging in big games and is a likely replacement for Hogan, however he’s still pretty young (and handsome), so he’s somewhat unproven throughout the course of a full AFL season. How will he cope with more attention on him?
The rule changes will also fuck us around a little bit, especially our set-up at centre bounces where Simon Goodwin has been a big believer in having extra men charging in from the half-back.
It will also be interesting to see how we use Max Gawn and Braydon Pruess together. Will big Pruessy just bide his time in the VFL until Gawn needs a rest? Or will we take the gamble of two ruckmen, allowing Gawn to spend more time at either end of the ground?
Some more key concerns:

Players to Watch in 2019
Kade Koladjashnij has not been talked about much since his recruitment but if he finds a way into the team, I think he is the obvious replacement for Lewis or he might find a role on the wing.
Angus Brayshaw came third in the 2018 Brownlow votes and somehow didn’t receive an invite. He’ll be one of the first to be invited this year.
Tom Sparrow and Marty Hore seem to be the draftees most likely to debut at some point in 2019.

Players on Notice in 2019
Jayden Hunt could just as easily be in the ‘Players to Watch’ category. After struggling to find a way into the team in 2018 (mostly due to an annoying run of injuries), he’s going to struggle to find a way into the team. However the JLT series saw him thrown into the forward line, which has notably been tried unsuccessfully before, but he seemed a lot more comfortable this time around. We’d love to see the headband make a return.
Garlett, JKH (JLT injury does not help, but he’s in this list pretty much every year unfortunately), (Josh) Wagner, Maynard.

Important Games
Round 2 Vs. Geelong (GMHBA)
They beat us twice in the season and we knocked them out of finals. Hostile territory and will be a great test for us.
Round 4 Vs. Sydney (SCG)
The last of the Hoodoos. We haven’t beaten the Swans since 2011. Buddy has never lost against the Demons. Many are predicting the Swans to miss the eight this year. Please for the love of God.
Round 6 Vs. Richmond (MCG) Anzac Day Eve
This has a become a very important game and I just really want to win it.

2019 Predictions

Final Note: Thanks to everybody that contributed. I didn't quite get time to credit everybody individually. Also, these are actually quite difficult to do, and this snuck up on me during a pretty busy time (my job is busy and I have a comedy festival show coming up) so I think this will be my last year as /melbournefc season preview thread editor (PS. I think we'll be looking for a replacement that won't make any jokes about jizz).
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2019.02.05 02:37 sconce2600 The List 2019: Who's out!

The Lineup is out, bold denotes acts that ended up on the lineup
The following are out due to lack of precedent
2018 OSLs lineup
2017 OSLs lineup
Out due to gigs at AT&T Park (Capacity: 41,915)/Levi's Stadium (Capacity: 75,000) in San Francisco and Santa Clara CA
Out due to gigs at Shoreline Amphitheatre (Capacity: 22,500) in Mountain View CA (May through November)
Out due to gigs at the Oracle arena (Capacity: 19,596) in Oakland CA
Out due to gigs at the Chase Center (Capacity: 18,064) in San Francisco CA
Out due to gigs at the Golden One Center (Capacity: 17,608) in Sacramento CA
Out due to gigs at the SAP Center (Capacity: 17,496) in San Jose CA
Out due to gigs at the Concord Pavilion (Capacity: 12,500) in Concord CA (May through November)
Out due to gigs at the Greek Theatre (Capacity: 8,500) in Berkley CA (May through November)
Out due to gigs at Bill Graham Civic Auditorium (Capacity: 7,000) in San Francisco CA (February through November)
Out due to gigs at the Frost Amphitheater in Stanford CA (May through November)
Out due to gigs at the Masonic (Capacity: 3,165) in San Francisco CA (May through November)
Out due to gigs at the Paramount Theatre (Capacity: 3,040) in Oakland CA (May through November)
Out due to gigs at SVN West (Capacity: 3,000) in San Francisco CA (May through November)
Out due to gigs at the City National Civic (Capacity: 2,850) in San Jose CA (May through November)
Out due to gigs at the Warfield (Capacity: 2,300) in San Francisco CA (May through November)
Out due to gigs at the Mountain Winery (Capacity: 2,278) in Saratoga CA (May through November)
Out due to gigs at the Fox theater (Capacity: 2,250) in Oakland CA (May through November)
Out due to gigs at 1015 Folsom (Capacity: 1,400) in San Francisco (May through November)
Out due to gigs at UC Theatre (Capacity: 1,400) in Berkley CA (May through November)
Out due to gigs at the Fillmore (Capacity: 1,050) in San Francisco CA (May 9th through November)
Out due to gigs at the Regency Ballroom (Capacity: 1,050) in San Francisco CA (May 18th through November)
Out due to gigs at the August Hall (Capacity : 1,000) in San Francisco CA (May through November)
Out due to gigs at the Mezzanine (Capacity: 1,000) in San Francisco CA (May through November)
Out due to gigs at the Uptown (Capacity: 863) in Napa CA (May through November)
Out due to gigs at the Bimbo's 365 (Capacity: 685) in San Francisco CA (May through November)
Out due to gigs at the Great American Music Hall (Capacity: 600) in San Francisco CA (May through November)
Out due to gigs at the Cornerstone (Capacity: 600) in Berkeley CA (May through November)
Out due to gigs at the Chapel (Capacity: 500) in San Francisco CA (May through November)
Out due to gigs at the Slims (Capacity: 500) in San Francisco CA (May through November)
Out due to gigs at the Independent (Capacity: 500) in San Francisco CA (May through November)
Out due to playing Bottlerock in Napa CA (May 26th-28th) (top 48 acts only)
Out due to being the top 13 acts from BottleRock 2018
Out due to playing Second Sky Fest in Oakland CA (June 15th)
Out due to playing Clusterfest in San Francisco CA (June 21st-23rd)
Out due to playing Burger Boogaloo in Oakland CA (June 30th-July 1st)
Out due to playing Sonoma Harvest in Glen Ellen CA (September 22nd-23rd)
Out due to playing Flow festival in Finland (same weekend as OSLs)
Out due to playing Ypsigrock festival in Italy (same weekend as OSLs)
Out due to playing Boardmasters festival in the UK (same weekend as OSLs)
Out due to playing Way out West festival in Sweden (same weekend as OSLs)
Out due to playing Smukfest in Denmark (same weekend as OSLs)
Out due to playing Oya Festival in Norway (same weekend as OSLs)
Out due to playing SonneMondSterne Festival in Germany (same weekend as OSLs)
Out due to playing The Boaty Weekend in Spain (same weekend as OSLs)
Out due to playing Boomtown Fair in the UK (same weekend as OSLs)
Out due to playing Haven Festival in Denmark (same weekend as OSLs)
Out due to playing Sziget Festival in Hungary (same weekend as OSLs)
Out due to playing Haldren Pop Festival in Germany (same weekend as OSLs)
Out due to playing Grape Festival in Slovakia (same weekend as OSLs)
Out due to playing Summer Well in Romania (same weekend as OSLs)
Out for other reasons
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2019.02.02 06:00 ExtraEater Billboard Hot 100 Year-End Songs of 2009

Ten years.
It's been ten years since Barack Obama was first inaugurated, ten years since the death of Michael Jackson, ten years since the premiere of Glee and RuPaul's Drag Race, and other iconic events from the 2000s now stand as even older than ten years. As we approach the end of the 2010s, it's a good time to reflect on good ol' 2009, which I'm sure many can hardly believe was ten years ago. Did we mention that?
For your hosts, we have simultaneously gay and straight icon ImADudeDuh and me, the guy who made this. This month, we're rating the Billboard Hot 100 Year-End Songs of 2009, a year which was likely a part of many popheads' childhoods, unless you're like 15 in which case don't stay up too late for this rate, or you might miss your bedtime! This rate is a successor to the amazing Billboard 2012 rate hosted by the lovely Nerdy_boy_chris just two years ago (and check out those mostly correct results). I hope you all have as muc fun doing this rate and getting wistful and nostalgic as we did doing the 2012 rate!

Pop Music's #TenYearChallenge

The throwback trend that is the #TenYearChallenge has served as a convenient way to remember 2009. Observe how careers such as that of Lady Gaga, Taylor Swift, Beyonce, Kanye West, and Katy Perry have changed for better or for much worse since then. To honor this very well-timed trend, your lovely host ImADudeDuh made a video commemorating how much some of our favorite pop stars have changed since the late 2000s, featuring artists and songs from this very rate!

Watch it here.


  • Listen to each song and assign each one a score between 1 and 10. Decimals are fine, but it can only be to 1 decimal place (7.5 is fine, 7.2 is fine, 7.58 is not).
  • You may give ONE song a 0 and ONE song an 11. Please reserve these ratings for your least favorite and most favorite tracks, respectively. You may not give your 0 or 11 to the bonus track.
  • You must listen to and score EVERY song in the main rate. Check to make sure you've scored everything.
  • Your scores and comments should NOT be considered confidential.
  • You can change your scores at any time! Feel free to PM ImADudeDuh or myself about it.
  • Please use the prepared link below to send in your scores. You must use the correct format. The link directly messages me.
  • If you want to attach a comment to a specific song (which is encouraged!) write it right after your score. Make sure nothing is separating your score and your comment except for a space!
This is the ONE AND ONLY correct format:
Jay Sean feat. Lil Wayne - Down: 9 outsold fifth harmony
Jay Sean feat. Lil Wayne - Down: 9: outsold fifth harmony
Jay Sean feat. Lil Wayne - Down: outsold fifth harmony. 9
Jay Sean feat. Lil Wayne - Down: I'm giving this a 9. outsold fifth harmony
Jay Sean feat. Lil Wayne - Down: 9-outsold fifth harmony

Here is the link to send in scores

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The Songs

Playlists: Spotify / YouTube / Apple Music
  1. Black Eyed Peas - Boom Boom Pow
  2. Lady Gaga - Poker Face
  3. Lady Gaga feat. Colby O'Donis - Just Dance
  4. Black Eyed Peas - I Gotta Feeling
  5. Taylor Swift - Love Story
  6. Flo Rida - Right Round
  7. Jason Mraz - I'm Yours
  8. Beyonce - Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It)
  9. Kanye West - Heartless
  10. All-American Rejects - Gives You Hell
  11. Taylor Swift - You Belong With Me
  12. T.I. feat. Justin Timberlake - Dead And Gone
  13. Fray - You Found Me
  14. Kings Of Leon - Use Somebody
  15. Keri Hilson feat. Kanye West and Ne-Yo - Knock You Down
  16. Jamie Foxx feat. T-Pain - Blame It
  17. Pitbull - I Know You Want Me (Calle Ocho)
  18. T.I. feat. Rihanna - Live Your Life
  19. Soulja Boy Tell 'em feat. Sammie - Kiss Me Thru The Phone
  20. Jay Sean feat. Lil Wayne - Down
  21. Miley Cyrus - The Climb
  22. Drake - Best I Ever Had
  23. Kelly Clarkson - My Life Would Suck Without You
  24. Beyonce - Halo
  25. Katy Perry - Hot n Cold
  26. Shinedown - Second Chance
  27. Britney Spears - Circus
  28. Kid Cudi - Day 'n' Nite
  29. Miley Cyrus - Party in the U.S.A.
  30. 3OH!3 - Don't Trust Me
  31. Jay-Z, Rihanna and Kanye West - Run This Town
  32. Kevin Rudolf feat. Lil Wayne - Let It Rock
  33. Sean Kingston - Fire Burning
  34. Jason DeRulo - Whatcha Say
  35. Lady Gaga - Lovegame
  36. Katy Perry - Waking Up In Vegas
  37. Jeremih - Birthday Sex
  38. Pink - Sober
  39. Britney Spears - Womanizer
  40. T.I. - Whatever You Like
  41. Mariah Carey - Obsessed
  42. Ne-Yo - Mad
  43. Cobra Starship feat. Leighton Meester - Good Girls Go Bad
  44. Kanye West - Love Lockdown
  45. Pink - So What
  46. Pitbull - Hotel Room Service
  47. Eminem, Dr. Dre and 50 Cent - Crack A Bottle
  48. Beyonce - If I Were A Boy
  49. Keri Hilson feat. Lil Wayne - Turning Me On
  50. Pussycat Dolls - I Hate This Part
  51. Nickelback - Gotta Be Somebody
  52. Pink - Please Don't Leave Me
  53. Lady Gaga - Paparazzi
  54. Akon feat. Colby O'Donis and Kardinal Offishall - Beautiful
  55. Coldplay - Viva la Vida
  56. Akon - Right Now (Na Na Na)
  57. Jordin Sparks - Battlefield
  58. Flo Rida feat. Wynter - Sugar
  59. Ne-Yo - Miss Independent
  60. Owl City - Fireflies
  61. Linkin Park - New Divide
  62. Jay-Z feat. Alicia Keys - Empire State Of Mind
  63. Daughtry - No Surprise
  64. Shakira - She Wolf
  65. Mario feat. Gucci Mane and Sean Garrett - Break Up
  66. Beyonce - Sweet Dreams
  67. Young Money - Every Girl
  68. Colbie Caillat - Fallin' For You
  69. Veronicas - Untouched
  70. Nickelback - If Today Was Your Last Day
  71. Fabolous feat. The-Dream - Throw It In The Bag
  72. Boys Like Girls - Love Drunk
  73. Asher Roth - I Love College
  74. Britney Spears - If U Seek Amy
  75. Jason Aldean - Big Green Tractor
  76. Taylor Swift - White Horse
  77. Rihanna - Disturbia
  78. Green Day - 21 Guns
  79. Soulja Boy Tell'em - Turn My Swag On
  80. The-Dream - Rockin' That Thang
  81. Zac Brown Band - Chicken Fried
  82. Beyonce - Diva
  83. Iyaz - Replay
  84. Brad Paisley - Then
  85. Rob Thomas - Her Diamonds
  86. Jesse McCartney feat. Ludacris - How Do You Sleep?
  87. Britney Spears - 3
  88. Drake feat. Kanye West, Lil Wayne and Eminem - Forever
  89. Justin Bieber - One Time
  90. Lady Antebellum - I Run To You
  91. Kelly Clarkson - I Do Not Hook Up
  92. John Legend feat. Andre 3000 - Green Light
  93. Billy Currington - People Are Crazy
  94. Zac Brown Band - Whatever It Is
  95. Kelly Clarkson - Already Gone
  96. Kristinia DeBarge - Goodbye
  97. Michael Franti and Spearhead feat. Cherine Anderson - Say Hey (I Love You)
  98. Jim Jones and Ron Browz feat. Juelz Santana - Pop Champagne
  99. Maxwell - Pretty Wings
  100. The Fray - Never Say Never

Bonus Rate: DJ Earworm 2009

Just as iconic as the Year-End's Top 25 itself is the DJ Earworm mashup of its Top 25 songs, which is why we're honoring it by featuring it as the only bonus track in this rate. It's already a 100-song rate, after all, so we might as well keep bonus tracks to a minimum. We're curious to see its collective average score.
  1. DJ Earworm - United State of Pop 2009 (Blame It On the Pop)
And remember, you may not give this bonus song your 0 or your 11.


  • If you have any questions, please feel free to PM ImADudeDuh or me!
  • The due date for this rate is March 2. We'll be lenient with extensions, but you must PM ImADudeDuh or myself about it at least one day before the due date so that we know. Be sure to provide to what date/time you want the extension to last. It's a relatively short month and a 100-song rate, so we understand.
  • This rate is about six hours long.
  • Can we take a moment to discuss how impractical these headphones are?
  • Once again, here's the playlists:
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Once again, here's the link to send in scores

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Have fun getting nostalgic!
Just dance, gonna be okay, da da doo-doo-mmm
Just dance, spin that record, babe, da da doo-doo-mmm
Just dance, gonna be okay, d-d-d-dance
Dance, dance, Just, j-j-just dance
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2018.08.29 22:12 Coachellamod Coachella 2019: Confirmations, Predictions and Outs

What's up Coachellians.
The time has come to start the 2019 Confirmation, Prediction, and Out thread.
Last year, we made a similar thread. So, here it is, back by popular demand.
Last year's part 1
Last year's part 2- stupid thing got archived
Info on the radius clause: The Radius Clause is used in the live music industry, in which a tour promoter stipulates that a performer, for a certain length of time prior to or following an appearance at a concert or festival, must not hold concerts at other locations within a certain radius of the city where they are to perform. It gives the promoter a form of territorial exclusivity, ensuring that the performer does not book concerts with competing promoters and venues in nearby areas, which can undermine ticket sales for their main event.
This year, this article was published regarding Coachella's specific radius clause. Check out this thread for the discussion and a concise tl;dr by u/mathees.
NOTE: You all are more than welcome to post wishlists, hopes, and dreams to spur discussion. This doc is only to keep track of tangible evidence. Also, nothing is 100% until verified by Coachella/GV or an artist themselves. Please don't take these rumors as gospel.
NOTE PT 2: THE RADIUS CLAUSE IS STILL OPEN TO INTERPRETATION. Artists listed as out via the radius clause are only done so per the rules laid out in the lawsuit. It is always a case by case basis and these artists are moreso UNLIKELY.
Oh. And for fun:
Coachella boards rumor page
Inforoo rumor page
Last update: 12/28

CONFIRMED (from GV, reliable publication leaks, and the artists on social media)

Charlotte de Witte (11/19)
NGHTMR (10/11)

PREDICTIONS/RUMORS (from users on the sub/boards/etc)

Childish Gambino: A since-deleted comment from a reliable Inforoo user implicates a JT and Gambino confirmation. (8/30)
Gambino/Timberlake/Rihanna headlining (9/8)
Kanye West is still in play, people (10/1)
HDD "leaks" the 2018 headliners: Gambino, JT, Kanye lol (10/1)
Aphex Twin (8/29)
Charlotte Gainsbourg (11/25)
Chris Lake (11/19)
Christine and the Queens (12/12)
Fisher , Second Fisher Confirmation (11/19)
Gesaffelstein (11/25)
Iceage (12/28)
Jon Hopkins (10/11)
Kaytranada (11/25)
Messethetics (11/25)
Polo & Pan (10/11)
Rüfüs du Sol (11/19)
Shame (12/12)
Solange (9/26)
Thom Yorke (8/29)
Yves Tumor (11/25)

POSSIBLE (tour dates leave clear gap for Coachella/GV promotions and venues/etc)

1975: Pretty obvious tour dates. (10/11)
Anderson.Paak (9/26)
Billie Eilish (12/12)
Clairo (12/28)
Ella Mai (11/19)
Empress Of: LA date at a GV venue, tour ends before April. (10/29)
FKJ (11/25)
Greta van Fleet: After a momentous year, they're doing a massive tour across Europe and the US with the only west coast dates being Seattle in January 2019. Gap from February-May. Tour is run by LiveNation. (10/15)
Kid Cudi (10/24)
Luttrell: Playing several GV/Sound events from December-March. April open. (11/19)
Maggie Rogers (10/30)
Mumford and Sons: A very Coachella-sized gap in their tour schedule plus no LA, CA, or west coast dates makes this particularly puzzling. (10/5)
Rainbow Kitten Surprise: No west coast dates, have a Coachella-sized gap in tour schedule. (11/19)
The Midnight (10/24)
The Pixies: Tour dates put them on the west coast in April with no LA dates. (10/15)
YG No confirmation by any means, but an interesting discovery. (10/15) UPDATE US tour dates completely skip LA. Definitely a lock. (11/19)
Young the Giant: No CA dates and no dates after March. (10/24)
Zhu: No CA dates after October, no tour dates after March. (12/12)


One Love Reggae Festival acts (11/19)
2CELLOS: Conflicting tour dates W1 (10/7)
iii Points Festival top names: SZA, Tyler, the Creator, A$AP Rocky, Erykah Badu, James Blake, Beach House (10/7)
6ix9ine: Lol (11/19)
Andrew McMahon and the Wilderness: Tour dates conflict (10/7)
Apparat: EU tour dates conflict (11/1)
Baroness: US tour dates conflict (12/12)
Basement: AUS tour dates conflict (12/12)
Beirut: Touring Europe during Coachella (10/24)
Bring Me The Horizon: AUS tour dates conflict (8/30)
Broods: US tour dates conflict (12/12)
Bruce Springsteen: Taking 2019 off (12/12)
Carl Cox: AUS tour dates conflict (12/12)
Chemical Brothers: LA dates within radius clause, they've said (11/19)
Cher: Tour dates conflict (9/8)
CRSSD festival artists: Odesza, Phantogram, Lane 8, Justin Martin, Maetrik, Martinez Bros +++ (12/12)
Daughters: EU tour dates conflict (11/19)
Deafheaven: US tour dates conflict (12/12)
Death Cab for Cutie: US tour dates conflict (12/12)
Deerhunter: LA dates within radius clause (10/31)
Dilly Dally: US tour dates conflict (11/19)
Disclosure (LIVE): They've said they won't have their next live show ready, and they're in EU W2 (12/12)
Durand Jones and the Indications: LA dates within radius clause (12/12)
ELO: LA dates within radius clause (10/24)
Excision: MyStErY tour dates during W1 (11/19)
Four Tet: LA dates within radius clause (10/24)
Giorgio Moroder: EU tour dates conflict (10/11)
Girlpool: US tour dates conflict (11/19)
HÆLOS: LA dates within radius clause. (10/24)
Hardwell: Cleared his schedule indefinitely (9/8)
Hatchie: Touring with Girlpool, US tour dates conflict (11/19)
HEALTH: US tour dates conflict (12/12)
Hookworms: Lead singer is a shit (11/19)
Idles: EU tour dates conflict (12/12)
James Blake: LA dates within radius clause (12/12)
Jamie Jones: LA dates within radius clause (11/19)
Jauz (11/19)
Jeff Lynne's ELO: Tour dates within radius clause (6/20)
Jess Glynne: US tour dates conflict (10/11)
Jose Gonzalez: LA dates within radius clause (9/8)
Joyce Manor: EU tour dates conflict (12/12)
Julia Jacklin: EU tour dates conflict (11/19)
Jungle: US tour dates conflict (11/1)
Justice (live): HARD Day of the Dead was the last WWW and live set of the decade (11/19)
Justin Timberlake: Playing in Connecticut on Friday and Saturday of weekend 1 (12/09)
Kasey Musgraves: LA dates within radius clause. This being a GV event does not completely rule her out, though. (8/30)
Kaskade: Tour dates within radius clause (12/12)
KISS: LA dates within radius clause (10/29)
Kurt Vile: AUS tour dates conflict (9/11)
Laura Jane Grace & the Devouring Mothers: US tour dates conflict (11/19)
Leon Bridges: US tour dates conflict (11/19)
LP: LA dates within radius clause (10/29)
Low: LA dates within radius clause. (10/7)
: LA dates within radius clause (10/28)
M3F Festival artists: ODESZA, Empire of the Sun, Kurt Vile, Umphrey's, Big Wild, etc (10/24)
Mac Miller, Rest in Peace <3 (9/8)
Martinez Brothers: LA dates within radius clause (11/19)
Massive Attack: LA date within radius clause (10/30)
Meek Mill: LA date within radius clause, GV promoted tour (12/12)
Methyl Ethel: LA dates within radius clause (10/7)
Metric: LA dates within radius clause, Livenation tour (10/7)
Mitski: US tour dates conflict (12/12)
Muse: Tour dates within radius clause (10/7)
Musink Festival artists: Suicidal Tendencies, Limp Bizkit (12/12)
Nils Frahm: Tour dates conflict (8/30)
Nine Inch Nails: 6 shows at the Palladium in December makes them highly unlikely. (8/30)
Noname: LA (and other CA) dates fall within radius clause (10/7)
Orbital: No live performances until May (12/12)
Panda Bear: LA dates within radius clause (11/19)
Paul McCartney: LA dates within radius clause (12/12)
Phoenix: Japan tour dates conflict (10/11)
P!nk: LA date within radius clause AND during Coachella. Double whammy! (9/1)
Pot of Gold AZ Festival top names- Post Malone, Lil Wayne, Cardi B, Young Thug (11/25)
Quinn XCII: LA date within radius clause, US tour dates conflict (11/19)
Robyn: LA dates within radius clause (11/19)
Royal Trux: LA date within radius clause (10/24)
Sam Smith: South Africa tour dates conflict (9/1)
Senses Fail: LA date within radius clause (11/19)
Shaky Knees top names- Tame Impala, Beck, Cage the Elephant, Incubus (11/19)
Sharon van Etten: LA date within radius clause (10/24)
Sleep: Turned down Coachella's offer for Roadburn (9/25)
Snow Patrol: LA date within radius clause (11/26)
Spiritualized: US tour dates conflict (12/12)
Sweetwater 420 Festival artists: Widespread Panic, Avett Brothers, Jason Isbell, Moon Taxi, Rebelution (10/24)
Telekenesis: US tour dates conflict (12/12)
TENDER: u/adsason asked on twitter (12/28)
The Black Queen: LA dates within radius clause (11/25)
The Knocks: LA dates within radius clause (10/11)
The Kooks: LA dates within radius clause (10/31)
The Orwells: Good fucking riddance (8/30)
The Rival Sons: US tour dates conflict (12/12)
The Rolling Stones: US tour dates conflict (11/19)
Thursday: LA dates within radius clause (10/30)
Tipper and Friends held during W2 (11/19)
Tommy Genesis: US tour dates conflict (11/19)
Vitalic: No US tour dates in 2019 (11/19)
Weird Al Yankovic: LA dates within radius clause (11/19)

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2018.04.09 04:08 sconce2600 What the list's end game COULD HAVE looked like if it was just the top ten crossover festivals along with user additions.

The Lineup has been released! Bold denotes acts that ended up on the lineup.
Playing seven major U.S. festivals
Playing six major U.S. festivals
Playing five major U.S. festivals
Playing four major U.S. festivals
Playing three major U.S. festivals
Playing two major U.S. festivals
Playing one major U.S. festival
Added by users, not currently playing any major U.S. festivals so far
The following have appeared at OSLs once before but have not released new material since their first stint and are therefore less likely to appear in 2018 (To date only Beck and Vance Joy have returned WITHOUT new material making the following acts much less likely)
The following is a list of bands that have played OSLs more than once and the gaps between return performances, considering only two acts have ever played OSLs three times, all acts in this section should be considered less likely than acts that have played OSLs once or never. Note that no act has ever returned quicker than a three year gap, Givers, Fantastic Negrito, and Big Boi were all makeup performances for prior year cancellations.
Three year gap
Four year gap
Five year gap
Six year gap
Seven year gap
Eight year gap
The following are past lineup drop dates, all lineup drops from 2012 to 2017 have occurred on a Tuesday:
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2017.08.22 18:03 daprice82 Wrestling Observer Rewind ★ Mar. 24, 1997

Going through old issues of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter and posting highlights in my own words. For anyone interested, I highly recommend signing up for the actual site at f4wonline and checking out the full archives.
PREVIOUS YEARS ARCHIVE: 199119921993199419951996
1-6-1997 1-13-1997 1-20-1997 1-27-1997
2-3-1997 2-10-1997 2-17-1997 2-24-1997
3-3-1997 3-10-1997 3-17-1997
  • The top story this week is that TCI Cable, the largest cable chain in the U.S., will no longer carry MMA shows. This will likely put the struggling EFC promotion out of business and severely hurts UFC as well. All interesting stuff, but not wrestling related. But what IS wrestling related is that Dave casually mentions that Cablevision is choosing not to air ECW's upcoming PPV due to content concerns. Cablevision is primarily the cable operator in the northeast of the U.S., aka, ECW's strongest base. Dave goes off on a tangent about how it's ridiculous because they regularly air R-rated movies with far more violence and adult content than wrestling or MMA. He also points out that this stuff isn't just freely available to children. It's PPV, it's content that adults have to seek out and specifically pay for. All in all, Dave just thinks it's bullshit censorship by the cable companies and it's not fair to either ECW or any of the various MMA groups that are affected.
  • Steve Williams, the top American star in AJPW, was arrested this week at the Loredo, TX airport on drug possession charges. Williams has recently been in serious negotiations with WWF but this may put a stop to that. It's the 3rd time in his wrestling career that Williams has been busted with drugs at an airport. This time, they found undeclared pharmaceutical drugs in his luggage. 80 boxes of Neo-Percodan, 17 boxes of Valium, 16 boxes of Halcion, 15 boxes of Tamegesic, 26 boxes of Darvon and eight boxes of Ritrovil. All of which are pain killers which were likely purchased just across the border in Mexico. The story got major news coverage in Japan and made plenty of national papers in the U.S. also, so it likely kills his WWF deal and may also affect his AJPW position as well. In 1995, Williams was suspended by AJPW for a year after being busted with marijuana at the airport. In fact, Giant Baba showed how powerful he is in Japan because he pulled strings to get Williams allowed back after only a year. Many years ago, former Beatle Paul McCartney was banned from Japan for more than a decade for a similar drug charge. In 1988, Williams got caught at a Detroit airport with steroids and cocaine.
  • WWF also recently signed Del Wilkes, better known as The Patriot, who has been one of AJPW's top foreign stars. In the past, working for AJPW was considered one of the best jobs in the biz because the pay is good, the travel is easy, there's almost no political bullshit, and there is job security. Steve Williams in the past has had no interest in leaving AJPW. But with WWF and WCW offering huge guaranteed contracts nowadays, that has changed as they have now taken Del Wilkes and were working on bringing in Williams before the arrest. Last year, WWF also managed to get Phil LaFon and Doug Furnas away from AJPW. Dave says if WWF steals Williams away, it will be a huge blow to AJPW.
  • WCW Uncensored is in the books and was a typical WCW PPV: good undercard, terrible main event, and more plotholes in the booking than Swiss cheese. But the involvement of Dennis Rodman got WCW more mainstream publicity than they've ever had so it was a huge success on that front. Hulk Hogan "made sure to surgically bind himself" to Rodman so every time the newspapers took photos of Rodman in his NWO shirt, Hogan was always in the picture next to him. When the Chicago Bulls season ends, Rodman is expected to spend a few weeks training at the WCW Power Plant and then he will wrestle his first match at the July PPV. Rumors are Rodman got paid $2 million for the WCW deal but Dave thinks it's probably closer to $1 million in reality. The show ended with Sting finally attacking the NWO, which they have spent 6 months building up to and the crowd went insane for it. Dusty Rhodes continues to get worse as a commentator and was beyond unbearable and he brings down Tony Schiovane. Bobby Heenan has also gotten to be awful, and Dave says Schiovane is basically carrying 600 pounds of dead commentary weight every time the 3 of them call a show. "And people wonder why he has a bad neck."
  • Other Uncensored PPV notes: Eddie Guerrero tore a pec muscle during his match with Dean Malenko, but he finished the match. No word on if he needs surgery yet but if so, it could sideline him for several months (he indeed missed about 3 months). Glacier and Mortis had a match that they literally spent months rehearsing at the Power Plant. It still sucked. Bryan Clark (formerly Adam Bomb in WWF) debuted during this match, but no word on what his new name will be (Wrath). The crowd spent most of the Prince Iaukea/Rey Mysterio Jr. match chanting "boring!" because Iaukea is seen as a jobber and WCW has pretty much killed Mysterio's heat by jobbing him out all the time, so the fans didn't give a shit about the match. And the main event (Team NWO vs. Team Piper vs. Team WCW) was a complete clusterfuck that didn't make sense with any of the booking for the weeks leading up to it, which Dave goes into in detail. Just nothing made sense, they randomly changed the rules without telling the crowd, the announcers didn't seem clued in on the eliminations, so everyone was confused, etc.
  • Lots of rumors going around that Missy Hyatt is pregnant by her current boyfriend Scott Putski, and she recently missed some indie shows she was scheduled for because of it (not sure if true. Hyatt has admitted dating him but I've never seen anything saying she was pregnant).
  • AAA president Antonio Pena filed lawsuits against Konnan, Rey Mysterio Jr., Psicosis and Juventud Guerrera for breach of contract this week. The lawsuit argues that they were under contract to AAA when they jumped ship to Promo Azteca. The lawsuit calls for those 4 men to sever ties with both Promo Azteca and with WCW. It's not known if WWF is helping to fund this lawsuit, but it wouldn't be surprising. If it was successful, it could lead to them all being forced to work for WWF and would be a pretty big blow to WCW. The 4 wrestlers responded to the lawsuit by filing a countersuit against Pena for money owed to them. Pena also has lawsuits pending against La Parka (over ownership of the character and gimmick) and against several former mini wrestlers who left the promotion last year.
  • AAA officially announced that Vader, Mankind, Undertaker, and Paul Bearer will be appearing at Triplemania this year (this obviously fell through).
  • NJPW's Tokyo Dome show scheduled for next month isn't selling well. The announcement of Naoya Ogawa replacing Ken Shamrock in the main event got a lot of mainstream attention but hasn't translated to ticket sales. They're hoping for a large crowd to walk up the day of the show to buy tickets.
  • Dutch Mantel and Jerry Lawler's girlfriend Stacy handled the commentary duties for USWA this week with Lance Russell out on vacation. Speaking of USWA, there's a lot of talk about impending doom there, since business is down in every city they run. The most recent Memphis show only drew 250 people and it's beginning to look like the writing is on the wall for them.
  • Another day, another New Jack incident. While getting ready for a spot where he would jump off the balcony, New Jack apparently got into an argument with another local wrestling promoter who was in the crowd and New Jack tried to throw the guy off the balcony. The guy managed to get away and flee down the stairs, so New Jack did his dive off the balcony and then chased the guy down (this time on ground level) and punched him a few times before the guy got away again. It's said Sabu pretty much saved the guy's life since he helped him get away and held New Jack back.
  • Surprisingly, ECW's PPV show at the ECW Arena isn't sold out yet. Many of the regular ECW fans who attend all the shows are complaining about the higher ticket prices.
  • Tony Halme (formerly Ludvig Borga in WWF) is in serious negotiations with UFC (he ended up getting wrecked by Randy Couture at UFC 13).
  • Arn Anderson cut a promo on Nitro this week talking about his upcoming neck surgery and said he'd be back at some point, but reports are there's a very good chance he won't be able to return. WCW is considering making him a TV announcer and Dave thinks he'd be good at it. If not that, then maybe a manager.
  • WCW has cancelled plans for another Clash of the Champions show in August because they hope to have their new 2-hour TBS Thursday night show on the air by then (turns out they didn't get Thunder started until 1998 and that Clash did end up happening after all. And it ended up being the final WCW Clash ever).
  • The Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue had an interview with famed sports photographer Walter Iooss and when asked who the worst person he ever dealt with on a photoshoot was, he said Hulk Hogan.
  • Hogan and Bischoff attended the Bulls/Knicks game last week and wore NWO shirts. Bischoff was visible behind the Knicks bench for the entire game but the announcers never mentioned Rodman's wrestling adventures.
  • Rob Van Dam was backstage at last week's Nitro, no reason given.
  • Raw ended in controversial fashion, with a Bret Hart vs. Sid cage match that saw Bret go on an uncensored profanity-laced tirade after the match. Dave says USA Network must have approved it because WWF wouldn't risk doing it otherwise. But if it's anything like the Pillman gun angle, USA will run away from it and put the heat on WWF. The whole thing was part of a Bret Hart heel turn, with him getting increasingly bitter. After losing the match, Hart got on the mic and said, "This is bullshit!" and then he threw Vince McMahon to the ground. Vince was masterful in his acting during this segment. The words "goddamn" and "shit" were thrown around a couple of times, by both Hart and Sid. It's all part of an effort within WWF as a whole to get more of an edge to it. Dave isn't sure how well it will work out in the long-run (turns out, pretty decently).
WATCH: Bret Hart's post-match tirade
  • On Raw, Ken Shamrock put Billy Gunn in an ankle lock and Gunn tapped out. The crowd didn't react to Gunn "tapping out" as a submission because they're not familiar with it (and here, I believe, is the first instance of tapping out in the WWF. Nowadays, it's so commonplace that people forget before Shamrock, submissions were just the ref in a guy's face waiting for him to nod and say he submits). Vince McMahon on commentary sold this for all it was worth to try to get Shamrock over.
  • Jesse James (Road Dogg) has been out for the last 6 weeks because he was suspended. No word why but you can probably guess.
  • Jake Roberts was fired by WWF this week. Two weeks ago, he apparently got a rental car and disappeared for 2 days and no-showed a house show. Jake had been working in the office and was helping to write TV as well as occasionally still working matches.
  • Mankind had an MRI done this week because he's got back issues. Dave has heard different stories on the results from 2 different sources. One says he has a herniated disc and that it's serious. The other source said it's a sciatic nerve problem and not that bad. Either way, for now he doesn't need surgery and will be taking time off after Wrestlemania.
  • Bruce Prichard has been in contact with UFC to try to get the rights to use UFC footage of Ken Shamrock on WWF TV.
TOMORROW: Scott Hall checks into rehab, lots of Wrestlemania 13 fallout, and more...
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2017.01.14 19:16 missdopamine Eden isn't lesbian...she dated Jesse McCartney!

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2016.06.01 02:29 tabledresser [Table] IAmA: We are The Lonely Island - our new movie, Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping” opens this Friday - Ask Us Anything!

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Questions Answers
Hi guys, thanks so much for doing this! My question is what's been the hardest part of your career? Andy: He's the 456th NeoBaba. It was a long day that day: NeoBaba1, NeoBaba2, NeoBaba3, all taken. 456 was the magic number.
Akiva: Can you imagine how happy he was the moment it happened?
Andy: Oh yea, it's up to 2,000 at this point.
Jorma: 456, it's round number. It's a good round number.
Akiva: Ahhh, I already forgot the question.
Andy: What's the hardest part of your career?
Andy: I'm happy to be dad if that means not immediately forgetting what we're doing.
Akiva: Uhhh...
Jorma: Hmmm.
Andy: Probably overcoming Jorm's ugliness. Having to travel around with him and have people recoil in terror every time they see his ugly face and his ugly butt.
Jorma: Ok, because this is being typed out, you can't hear just how sarcastic Andy's being. We're all laughing in here. There's like 15 people in this room and everyone is laughing so hard because they know that I'm very handsome. And you don't need to overcome anything. It's like more of a blessing.
Andy: Because you have a great personality.
Jorma: Yeah, yeah, yeah. That.
Akiva: You have something stuck in your teeth.
Jorma: I still look good, though.
Akiva: Make sure we get that verbatim.
Jorma: No, strike that part.
Andy: Jorm, while arguing his own handsomeness, has food in his teeth.
Akiva: He's got something green, but that's just because he always eats his vegetables. That's something I will say on the record about Jorm.
Jorma: Ok, travel. We travel a lot.
Akiva: I really don't remember the question at this point.
Andy: What's the hardest part of your career? Second time I've told you.
Akiva: Some people in the group are forgetful and they don't pay attention to anything and that's really annoying. Like they'll be at a big important interview thing and they'll just be flakin' off, wisenheiming all over the place.
Andy: I love that you're the one who reminded us that we needed to make our answers concise.
Akiva: But we clarified we got the mod squad over here to keep it tight for us.
Andy: You have full-faith in the brain trust.
Akiva: Yeah, look at them. They're bespeckled, just like us. They know what they're doing.
Jorma: I'm just trying to get this stuff out of my teeth. That's what I'm doing.
Hi! I love you all very much! I have two questions. 1) What was the biggest difference from filming the movie compared to Digital Shorts? 2) Any plans on coming to Boston, MA soon? I would love to meet you guys! Jorma: B town that's what we call it, we also call Berkeley B-town, but we'd love to go to B town.
Akiva: Beantown.
Andy: we have no immediate plans to go to Boston.
Akiva: This is not to be confused with Jesse McCartney, the teen sensation. I just wanted to let, I knew where Jorma’s mind was going, so I wanted to just--
Jorma: My second grade education was racing.
Akiva: Right to Jesse McCartney.
Jorma: Yeah, big fan.
Akiva: But this is u/jessmccarthy.
Jorma: Okay, I'm fine with that too. I'm also a fan of u/jessmccarthy.
Akiva: Next Question.
Andy: What is the difference between shooting the movie versus digital short?
Jorma: Longer...
Akiva: Main thing is that is was longer...
Jorma: A bunch longer.
Akiva: And you can curse.
Jorma: Yeah, that was a big plus.
Akiva: But on the actual, practical side of shooting it, there was a bigger crew and it made it more exciting to attempt larger things. Could you back me up as a co-director on this?
Jorma: I...would normally back you, Akiva, on that, yes.
Akiva: And Andy, as an actor, was it different for you when we were shooting? Or was it the same?
Andy: The scale was definitely bigger, we rented out the forum, in Los Angeles, to shoot 11 days of concert scenes. Uh, how many cameras did we did we have?
Akiva: Uh, five?
Andy: I think it was even more.
Akiva: Well during the concert we five, it was still five.
Andy: Well, anyway, 5 cameras is a lot of cameras, and we had a ton of background actors filling in the stadium and huge dance numbers and...
Akiva: And were me and Jorma different?
Jorma: Like how did we act toward you?
Akiva: When we were like, "Woah, these are movie directors, I better...listen to what they have to say."
Andy: No, you guys were pretty much the same.
Jorma: We had more footage too. We had about 450 hours of footage, which is a lot.
Akiva: The edit was very different. Next question!
Is a hotdog a sandwich? Also what are your favorite condiments? Andy: There's been a debate about this going on...raging on. I say no.
Akiva: I'm gonna go yes.
Jorma: Andy says no, because Akiva says yes.
Akiva: Here's the thing; it would definitely be a sandwich if you just break the bun, right? As soon as the bun breaks, now you're in sandwich territory. Would you need to slice the hot dog lengthwise?
Jorma: So if you slice the hot dog lengthwise, then it's a sandwich, and if you don't then it's a hot dog?
Akiva: As soon as it flattens, you mean?
Jorma: Yeah so if it's flattened, if it's been sliced in half and grilled...
Akiva: But the bun, if it's still intact, it's wrapped around it, it's more like a wrap or something. But the moment you pulled the little thing and it breaks along the edge, and you have two pieces of bread...
Jorma: Akiva? A hot dog is not a sandwich, because it's a hot dog. It's its own genre.
Akiva: But, so, like it's a sausage sandwich, is the other thing.
Andy: If you chop up a sausage and put it in a sandwich, that's a sausage sandwich.
Akiva: Well because the definition of a sandwich would be like, an item between two pieces of bread, and a bun is not two pieces of bread; it's just a bun. Unless...
Jorma: It's the presentation though. As soon as you slice it, it no longer becomes a hot dog. It doesn't have the hot dog shape.
Akiva: It becomes a sausage sandwich.
Jorma: Yes.
Akiva: So I I guess I changed my answer. We're on the right side of history.
Jorma: So no, a hot dog is a hot dog.
Akiva: Because the moment it changes into a sandwich, it's a sandwich. So it can't be; a hot dog can't be a sandwich. There can be a hot dog sandwich.
Andy: I feel like we just worked through something really good as a group.
Akiva: We probably ended this Reddit meme, because we settled it.
Jorma: Because everyone agrees.
Andy: Dropping the mic.
Jorma, why does my phone want to keep changing your name to Norma? Akiva: Why does it keep changing Andy's name to Norma? Andy: Why I think their phone is changing Jorma's name to Norma also. Akiva: Oh, got it. It doesn't also change your name to Norma. That would be weird. Andy: I think it's because the name Jorma, much like Frisbee, is against god. And the phone knows that.
Andy, same question. Akiva: Got it, got it. It's kinda like a Melvin here. Like, don't be such a Melvin. That's a famous thing that everyone always says. And then Andy, same question?
What are some of your favorite concerts that you've been to? Jorma: Ok, first of all, sorry about last night, u/oklahomastudent.
Akiva: He's referring to the Warriors game.
Andy: Sorry, not sorry.
I had wonderful experiences seeing The Roots in concert, many times. The Farside was a wonderful concert. The Strokes were a great concert. I saw The Pixies reunion concert. Radiohead was one of the best concerts I've ever seen.
Jorma: Wolf Parade.
Andy: Wolf Parade, yeah in Vancouver.
Jorma: When we were shooting "Hot Rod", me and Andy went to go see it. We had a super early call time, but we powered through.
Andy: It was right after the Apologies to the Queen Mary album came out.
Jorma: It was such a good concert.
Andy: We were so drunk.
Akiva: We went to the Jay-Z Madison Square Garden 9/11 concert.
Andy: Yea, the big FUSE show. So many people came out and joined him.
I think, obviously I'm biased, but the best show I've ever been to was my wife, Joanna Newsom, at Disney Hall in LA with a full orchestra. That was fucking incredible.
Jorma: What a sweet answer.
Andy: Truly, regardless of if I had ever met her, that was the best show I've ever been to.
Are we ever going to get a song featuring Weird Al? Or a song of his featuring you guys? Jorma: He's the doctor of taints though, right?
Akiva: "Is my name great? Or super great?" Thank you!
Andy: I hope so.
Jorma: That is a great question.
Akiva: I hope!
Andy: Super good question, we should definitely do that.
Andy: Definitely thought about it before.
Akiva: Circling back to the first question, he's on Comedy Bang Bang this season. So you can see us together on screen this Friday.
Andy: Right, yes.
Akiva: If you turn to IFC at whatever time it airs.
Andy: Yes, but also along those lines, we've become friendly with him, which for us is the craziest childhood dream come true.
Jorma: He is the best.
Akiva: And if you keep your eyes really peeled and really know what he looks like, you might see him for a split second in out movie.
Andy: Oh yeah! What's the name of the movie again?
Akiva: It's called Pop Stars: Never Stop.
Andy: Yeah, it's June 3rd.
Akiva: Seamless, seamless transition. But, while you're waiting for it to come out, why not see another movie with a guy who is mad as a hatter, Alice in Wonderland.
What's up with Jorm's butt? Jorma: Somebody finally read the bio.
Andy: Guys, I told you not to ask about that.
Jorma: It's less toned now.
Akiva: Are you happy you got it then recorded and locked in ice on that thing because now there's a record of what was happening at that time in your life on your butt.
Jorma: First of all, Akiva, thank you for that question and the answer is yes. Yeah, that's what's up with my butt.
Andy: Use it or lose it.
Akiva: Would you describe yourself as angry or even mad that someone asked about your butt? And follow up question, if the answer is yes, would you say you're as mad as a hatter?
Jorma: Kivs, I want to thank you again for asking such poignant questions. I'm going to tell you right off the bat - yes, I am very angry. Two, angry as a hatter - two to three hatters.
Andy: We always say Yorm is an angry hatter.
Akiva: Well, he loves having tea parties and it's always his unbirthday.
OMG IM ON TIME FOR ONCE. Jorma: No, he liked that he killed it that he got here in time to ask the question. Akiva: ...we've been asked the most amount of times. Akiva: For sure.
Where did the band name The Lonely Island come from? Andy: He likes the name. Jorma: The quick answer is that it is the name of the apartment that we all lived in when we first moved to LA. Jorma: It was on a sea of traffic. On Olympic Boulevard in Los Angeles. It was basically like a six lane highway and so, it was an island on a sea of traffic.
Killed it. Akiva: Killed it. Akiva: Ohhh that's correct. He said, "Omg can't believe I made it. BOOM. Killed it. That's my question.” Jorma: But you killed it. With your question.
What prompted the idea to create this film? Akiva: What prompted us to make this film.
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2014.06.09 12:08 Ultramat2m Jesse McCartney Announces In Technicolor Release Date: See The Retro Cover Art

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2014.04.08 20:43 Know_Reddit Know_Reddit: #69 Mama, #70 Chernobyl Diaries, #71 The Sentinel (1977), & #72 To Stir with Love

January 7th, 2014
April 7th & 8th, 2014


Directed by: Andrés Muschietti
Written by: Andrés Muschietti, Neil Cross, and Barbara Muschietti
Starring: Jessica Chastain, Megan Charpentier, Isabelle Nélisse
Short Film
I remember catching the short a couple of years back and I was interested in seeing the full feature film. Weak point of this film is the scares the short had to be expanded into a long feature. This being the first feature from the director at least he shows promise with his use of relying on old school jumps instead of gore in order to scare the audience.
Even though the film shows promise, I really can't rank it very high since the short being far more superior than the full movie. When I first watch the short it truly frighten me. Re-watching after viewing the full movie probably took away in surprise jump scares which is probably I found it being lack luster.
Rating 5.5/10

Chernobyl Diaries

Directed by: Bradley Parker
Written by: Oren Peli and Carey Van Dyke & Shane Van Dyke
Starring: Ingrid Bolsø Berdal, Dimitri Diatcheko, Olivia Taylor Dudley, Devin Kelley, & Jesse McCartney
I caught this on the DVR with my free weekend of HBO. It was bad. I don't have much else to say. I feel like it wanted to be a found footage film, but was not clever enough to make it any good. Intersting concept that never delievers. I wonder if Oren Peli's follow up to Paranormal Activity, Area 51, will help jump start his career? Probably not, at least the guy got all that producer money from the paranormal activity and insidious series. Good for him.
Rating 5.5/10

The Sentinel

Directed & Written by: Michael Winner
Starring: Cristina Raines, Chris Sarandon, Christopher Walken, & Beverly D'Angelo
Minor Spoilers
The Sentinel is the less polish 70's horror film that feels like the Exorcist, Rosemary's Baby, and etc. However, I must say that I really enjoy this film. There are a lot of young looking future stars who have small roles including; Christopher Walken, known being Christopher Walken, and Beverley D'Angelo who would become famous being the mom in all those National Lampoon Vacation films.
Allison Parker, Cristina Raines, is very easy on the eyes. I have never seen here before but she is total babe. Parker moves into an apartment and weird stuff starts to happen. That is pretty much the whole plot to the movie. I wish the mythology of the movie was explored in more detail then this could have easily been spin off into an interesting horror series.
Movie does feel dated. I assume in the 70's lesbians were more taboo than they are today. Beverley D'Angelo's character doesn't speak but once her girlfriend leaves the room she decides a good time to rub her clit in front of Parker for no reason. I must say it was quite a humorous awkward scene that takes you out the movie for awhile. One of Parker's neighbors though has a pretty bitchin birthday party for his cat. It was cute seeing at the top of the table a cat wearing a birthday hat.
Even though this movie has many faults it kind of hits me in an enjoyable way since these movies aren't really made anymore. The director's use of people with abnormalities felt very exploitative so I don't know how to feel about that. The willing to take the chance in offending people though gives this movie an edge kind of like the 1932 classic Freaks.
Rating 8/10

To Sir with Love aka My Teacher, Teacher's Mercy aka Bloody Reunion

Directed by: Dae-wung Lim
Written by: Se-yeol Park
Starring: Seong-won Jang, Dong-kyu Lee, Ji-hyeon Lee, Mi-hee Oh, Hyo-jun Park, Yeong-hie Seo, Hyeon-Soo Yeo, & Seol-ah Yu
I haven't seen many Asian slasher films. With all the ghost Japanese horror movies saturate the global market it makes us forget there are some actually pretty good horror movies out there that aren't ghost stories. This South Korean gem I read was a pretty decent slasher so I decide to give it a shot. My favorite slasher from the Asian market is still Evil Dead Trap.
However, I must say this was a decent slasher. We got a creepy killer with a creepy mask. Check. A few scares. Check. Some decent deaths. Check. Finally the twist into the story. Check. I am sad that the actors even though none of their performances were extraordinary haven't been in many other projects. It be nice to get more expose to Korean horror movies. Even though most of the horror market are "bad" movies. There are always a few gems out there.
The death count isn't very high and some deaths happen off camera. This slasher actually tells a decent story which was nice. Sometimes the enjoyment of these movies is the nudity, inventive kills, and being so bad that it is funny. This movie did drag on when the twist was reveal and should of hit the exclamation point a little faster. However, this was an enjoyable Asian horror movie.
Rating 7.5/10
Time to take a break on the horror movies for now. I can't wait to start my new job this upcoming Monday. I will be able to take my time on the final stretch on the challenge, especially since the weather is starting to get better. Disc golfing and being outside will cut down my binge movie watching.
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2014.02.11 21:34 UsagiTaicho Since there has been a lot of talk about voice actors

I've decided to make a list of characters and who my favorite voices for them have been, in order. I think I will only do three for each character, if that (some characters only have one voice actor). I will try to include someone that I think could voice the character well though.
The Justice League:
Superman - 1) Mark Harmon - He voiced Supes in Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths. I really liked the authority that he brought to the character, and the way that he spoke with finality. Like a man with all the power should speak. 2) Nolan North - My number two preferred voice, probably just because he is so familiar to me as the character, even though he only voiced him in Young Justice. Nolan North just has a great voice. 3) Tim Daly - Again, familiarity is the major reason why he is on this list. His voice is rather iconic to Superman, and it is the first voice that people think of when they hear Superman in their head.
Batman - 1) Kevin Conroy - For obvious reasons, he is the best. He has had more voice work as Batman than any other person. His voice is just perfect, it is difficult to put into words. It is gruff, and deep, gravelly and yet somehow charming for the Bruce Wayne side of things. 2) Bruce Greenwood - The Young Justice Batman. Bruce is in many ways like Kevin, they have similar voices. However, Bruce sounds a bit (not by much) lighter in his voice, just by a hair. It is the difference between slot one and two. 3) Peter Weller - Best known as RoboCop, Peter voices Batman in The Dark Knight Returns. His voice in this is a lot like the men above, but he lends the older sound to Batman that he needs in the film.
Hal Jordan - Green Lantern 1) Nathan Fillion - To me, the only man who should ever play Hal in anything. He has the voice inflections to pull of serious and fun in the same character (just watch Castle and Firefly). 2) Justin Kirk - I actually really enjoyed his voice in Justice League War. Out of all the characters in it, I feel like his voice was the most correct.And again, the inflections of both serious and fun in the same character. 3) Christopher Meloni - The voice of Hal in Green Lantern: First Flight. Once again, I feel that the ability to make a character both serious and fun is necessary for Hal Jordan, and Christopher delivers exactly that.
Wonder Woman - 1) Vanessa Marshall - The voice for the Amazon in Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths. I really like her voice, it at once lends itself to both the warrior and the woman that is Diana. She can be really strong and assertive, but still have that sweetness about her when she says "spoils of war". 2) Keri Russell - Much like Vanessa, the star of the 2009 Wonder Woman movie sounds much how I envision the younger warrior. While confident, she does not quite possess the air of leadership and command that Wonder Woman needs. 3) Gina Torres - The voice of Superwoman in Crisis, this is the first fancast character on the list. But only because she technically didn't play Wonder Woman, only her counterpart. Gina is best known for playing strong female characters, such as Zoey on Firefly.
Martian Manhunter - 1) Kevin Michael Richardson - Voice of J'onn J'onnz in Young Justice, and he makes him sound like... 2) Jonathan Adams - Voice of the mysterious martian in Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths. Eerily similar to... 3) Carl Lumbly - All three of these men seem to use the exact same voice for the Martian Manhunter. They all sound aloof, enigmatic, deep and slightly alien in their portrayals, I have a hard time telling them apart.
The Flash - Barry Allen 1) Michael Rosembaum - I know, I know. He voices Wally West Flash, not Barry Allen Flash. Well you know what? I think he makes a better Barry than Wally. His voice is deeper and more serious than I ever imagine Wally's to be. Oh, and he voices Barry (yes really) in Justice League Doom. So there. 2) Justin Chambers - Star of Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox. Seriously, mini-rant here, they should have just named it The Flashpoint Paradox. I mean, the rest of the League is only in it for what, five minutes? It is really a movie about the Flash. And this guy does excellent voice work as him. Remember, Barry is a scientist. He should speak like one, and this guy does. 3) Christopher Gorham - His skill in Justice League War earns him spot number three as Barry Allen. Again, I'm trying to compare these people to how he sounds in my head. And in my head, he is a scientist, and sounds like one.
Aquaman - 1) Phil LaMarr - Voice of King Orin in Young Justice. Phil makes a good Aquaman. He manages to make the things he says sound like they come from a king, as they should. 2) John DiMaggio - The upset! John voices Aquaman in Batman: The Brave and the Bold. This is probably the least serious version of a character to appear on this list. The way he announces everything, it's just too perfect. Like the Emperor with his New Clothes, he may sound ridiculous but you can't help but take him seriously. He is a monarch. And he craves Adventure! 3) Josh Keaton - He didn't say much, but the voice of Aquaman (and the Flash!) from Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths said it like a Greek demigod. He had all the confidence in his voice that the King of Atlantis should.
Green Arrow - 1) Alan Tudyk - After recently learning that he is the voice of GA in Young Justice, I have to put him at the top of my list. He sounds like I imagine Oliver Queen to sound. And he does a really good job at. He is a leaf on the wind, and brings the warmheartedness to the character that should be there. 2) Neal McDonough - Normally I really hate this guy, because he always plays bad guys that you just want to hate. But when he voiced Oliver in the DC Showcase Short: Green Arrow, I couldn't help but like him. And his proposal to Black Canary was perfect, exactly how it should be. 3) Tom Everett Scott - The second fancasting! Tom has never played Green Arrow before, but he has voiced another character. In Justice League and Batman: The Brave and the Bold, he voices Booster Gold, the hero from the future! I feel that he would be able to play GA fairly well, but a return of BG is more than welcome.
Black Canary - 1) Vanessa Marshall - Yes, she is already on this list as Wonder Woman. But as the voice of Dinah Lance in Young Justice, I feel she deserves the number one spot for the femme fatale. 2) Kari Wuhrer - Like Aquaman, she doesn't get to say much as Black Canary in Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths. But be careful, for she has some secrets to share. 3) Morena Baccarin - Another Firefly cast member (this makes four), Morena voiced Black Canary on Justice League. She is a bit flat though, without her usual charm, hence the number three spot.
Enough with the adults, let's see the kids!
Robin/Nightwing - Dick Grayson - 1) Evan Sabara/Jerry O'Connel - Because of the age difference, Dick was voiced by two separate people on The Batman. Evan voiced the young Robin, while Jerry voiced his adult self in only two episodes. I know, not to put Young Justice first might be considered blasphemy. But these guys did an amazing job together, so they deserve my top spot. 2) Jesse McCartney - Stay whelmed people, because this is the Dick we all know and love (phrasing, boom). Jesse voiced both thirteen year-old Robin and his 18 year old self, Nightwing. My one complaint is that his voice didn't drop more when he got older. 3) Crawford Wilson - Voicing both Robin and Nightwing on Batman: The Brave and the Bold, Crawford only got to star in three episodes, much to my dismay. But, he was damn good. Honorable mention goes to Sean Maher partly because he is another Firefly star, which makes five. I wonder if we can get the whole crew of Serenity (probably not). Mostly, it's for his upcoming role as Nightwing in Son of Batman. I'm excited for that.
Kid Flash - Wally West - 1) Jason Spisak - Oh how I love this man. His portrayal of Wally is awesome, truly perfect. I really don't see the point in putting another name on the list after him, let alone two, but I will. For you guys. 2) Jason Marsden - I know, he plays Impulse. But he was actually the first person I had thought of to play KF when I first heard of Young Justice. Hence why he gets the number two spot. 3) James Arnold Taylor - This versatile actor voiced Neutron and even Barry Allen once on Young Justice. It is his work on Marvel Avengers: Battle For Earth as Spider-Man that earns him this spot. I feel like he could make a good Wally West if given the chance.
Superboy - 1) Nolan North - Perfect for Superboy, out of everyone else. Sure, he was number two on Superman's list, but for the Boy of Steel there is no one better. 2) Rino Romano - This guy voiced none other than the title character on The Batman, and he did so without a gruff voice. Which means to me, that he can't play Batman, but he can certainly play Superboy. 3) Crispin Freeman - The voice of Red Arrow in Young Justice, Crispin takes my number three slot for Superboy because of his work in that role. He really excelled at the whole anger thing.
Speedy/Red Arrow/Arsenal - Roy Harper - 1) Crispin Freeman - He may be my number three for Superboy, but this guy will always be number one as Red Arrow. He really brought the character to life. 2) Will Friedle - The star of Batman Beyond, Will makes the young Dark Knight sound fantastic. I think he could do the same thing for Roy. 3) Mike Erwin - This guy voiced Speedy in Teen Titans, and did a good job. I wish Speedy had shown up more in that show, but his story in Young Justice made up for it.
Miss Martian - 1) Danica McKellar - The only voice of Miss Martian so far, Danica takes the top spot. Who could compare to her? 2) Cree Summer - Voicing the green lady isn't too far of a stretch for this actress. Cree voiced Max in Batman Beyond, and I believe she can lend the alien sound to the character that wasn't present in Young Justice. This is the same alien sound all three of the actors of her uncle J'onn could convey. 3) Summer Glau - Hey look at that, another Firefly alum. It is because of her work on Firefly and Terminator: The Sarah Conner Chronicles that she gets my vote of confidence to play M'gann. Once again, I am looking for that alien, non-human sound, and Summer can certainly pull that off.
Tigress - Artemis Crock - 1) Stephani Lemelin - The only voice of Artemis to date. As such, she has a bit of an unfair advantage when it comes to voicing the character. Confession, I thought she was an original character created for Young Justice and based on Cissie Jones, aka Archette. I was wrong. 2) Tara Strong - The voice of Raven from Teen Titans, Tara provides the dark and brooding voice that I feel like Artemis should have. 3) Ashley Johnson - Another Titans alum? Yes, Ashley voiced Terra on Teen Titans. A more tragic story could not be asked for. Ashley can pull of the slightly bitchy that is Artemis.
Aqualad - Kaldur'ahm - 1) Khary Payton - Once again, he takes the top spot because he has the distinction of being the only person to ever voice the character. He makes Kaldur sound cool, and calculating. Respect is in his voice, and respect he commands. 2) Michael Ealy - Chosen simply because of his performance in Almost Human as the android Dorian. Once again, his voice is cool and calculating, with an aura of respect. I expect no less from Aqualad. 3) Phil LaMarr - If this guy can voice Aquaman, why can't he voice Aqualad? Phil is also known as the voice of Static Shock from that series, which is what brought him to my attention once again.
Beast Boy - 1) Logan Grove - The new Beast Boy, Logan voices him in Young Justice. I really enjoyed his portrayal of Gar, he does the young voice thing pretty well. 2) Greg Cipes - Classic Beast Boy, Greg voices him in Teen Titans. He makes the character what he is, a fun, young guy. 3) Ryan O'Donohue - This guy voiced Matt McGinnis in Batman Beyond, which is what brought him to my attention. I feel that if they ever need another Beast Boy, this is where they should look.
Zatanna - 1) Lacey Chabert - Lacey here voiced Zatanna in Young Justice, and I got to say I love her for it. She has a certain stage presence in her voice, which is necessary for a magician. 2) Mae Whitman - She may have voiced Wonder Girl in season two, but I feel like Mae would make a great Zatanna. Mostly because of her role as Katara in Avatar: The Last Airbender. 3) Emma Watson - Why? Because she is a good actress, and she needs more work. So why not have her voice Zatanna? She can even do it with a British accent, I would like to see that.
So there you have it. This list took me several hours last night and a few today, it was harder than I though. Voice actors often have a lot of diversity, so it's hard to shift through their roles until you you hear the voice you want for a character. Do you guys have a favorite, or simply want to continue the list? Go ahead, get this discussion underway. We could certainly stand to see a few more Leaguers.
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2013.08.13 23:28 PrincessSparkle87 What was your first Backstreet Boys concert?

Mine was the Never Gone tour, Dublin, Ireland, 2005. I was 17. Not only was it my first Backstreet Boys concert, it was also my first ever concert!! Jesse McCartney was supporting and he was brilliant! I've seen the boys live 3 times now and am anxiously awaiting European tour dates for the current tour!
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2013.05.28 18:07 sirdoctoresquire Things to do in Tulsa - 5/28 to 6/2

Recurring Weekly and Monthly Events

Tulsa Points of Interest

Current Week
Upcoming Events
Event Date
Gogol Bordello @ Cains June 4th
First Friday Art Crawl June 7th
Tulsa Tough June 7th-9th
Lan Party with High Voltage Gaming June 9th
Center of the Universe Festival July 19th - 20th
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2013.04.10 03:54 Scott_Ogilvie [TDIH] April 10th

Quote of the Day
There is only one time that is important—now! It is the most important because it is the only time when we have any power.
— Leo Tolstoy, The Three Questions
Word of the Day
Libertarian — In the United States, a partisan of all the freedom money can buy; everywhere else in the world, a partisan of all the freedom it can't.
787 — Pepin, King of France, installs his Organ in the church of St. Cornielle at Compiegne.
1618 — Agustín Moreto, Spanish dramatist, once considered the equal of his near-contemporary Lope de Vega, is baptized. Turned out over 100 dramas, gaining him great popular success.
1703 — Danish Baroque poet & clergyman Thomas Kingo, dies in Odense. Remembered mainly for the Kingo hymn book, a collection that first appeared in 1699 & had at least 85 of his own poems.
1729 — New Old World: Advertisement in American Weekly Mercury offers Indian woman & child for sale.
1841 — US: Horace Greeley's New York Tribune begins publication:
Do not lounge in the cities! There is room & health in the country, away from the crowds of idlers & imbeciles. Go west, before you are fitted for no life but that of the factory. (New York Tribune, 1841)
During the 1840s Greeley wrote numerous articles promoting a voluntary system of agricultural collectives he called "association," based on the writings of French socialist Charles Fourier. Although he employed Karl Marx as a European correspondent in the 1850s, Greeley exchanged most of his high-minded utopian schemes for down-&-dirty party politics in the contentious decade leading up to the Civil War.
1847 — Joseph Pulitzer lives, Budapest (or Makó), Hungary. Bought the New York World in 1883. In 1885 he was elected to Congress from New York, but resigned.
In the 1890s Pulitzer had a circulation war with William Randolph Hearst, & his newspapers were accused of "yellow journal" practices.
Through his will, he established the Columbia University School of Journalism & annual prizes for literature, drama, music, & journalism.
1848 — France: Revolution in Paris aids plans for massive Chartist uprising in London — stopped by the cops.
1848 — England: Mass meeting of Chartists, campaigning for civil rights, Kennington Common, Surrey. A procession to the House of Commons to present a petition for civil rights is prevented by authorities.
'The Tenth of April'
Today was long remembered thus, the fear of an English Revolution having been very real: revolutionaries in Paris promise aid for a planned Chartist uprising in London on this day, which is canceled after massive occupation of London streets by troops.
1849 — Safety pin patented. Punk movement begins.
1864 — México: Archduke Maximilian, supported by a French army, becomes Emperor.
1866 — US: American Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) founded.
1867 — Irish man of letters AE (George William Russell) lives, Lurgan, County Armagh.
1878 — US: California Street Cable Car Railroad Company starts service.
1901 — France: Surrealist painter, recluse Anna Kavan lives — born "Helen Woods" — in Cannes.
1907 — Canada: Emma Goldman makes her first visit to Winnipeg; lectures in German & English on topics including "Crimes of Parents & Education" & "The Position of Jews in Russia."
1911 — Scotland: Singer Strike defeated in Glasgow.
1912 — RMS Titanic sets sail for its maiden voyage. There is discontent among the 1st class passengers as rumors fly,
"there may not be enough ice."
1912 — England: Riots in Wigan require army intervention before they are put down.
1918 — Russia: This evening of the 10th & 11th, in reaction to growing protests of Russian anarchists to the Treaty of Brest-Litovsk, the Cheka — the Bolshevik secret police — raids anarchist centers in Moscow. Approximately 40 anarchists are killed or wounded, more than 500 taken prisoners.
1919 — México: Anarchist revolutionary hero Emiliano Zapata ambushed & assassinated by Mexican troops, age 29, Chinameca, Mexico. One of the main — & best known — participants in the peasant uprisings against the central government's authority from 1910 until his death. A wax replica of his body is put on public display — obviously not his body, for everyone knows he still rides in the hills intent on finishing the job he began on November 28, 1911 (the Plan of Ayala, the peasants' declaration of independence).
Born into a poor peasant family in 1883, Zapata united Mexican peasants behind agrarian reform with the motto
"land, liberty, & death to the hacendados."
From his base in the southern state of Morelos, Zapata organized guerrilla bands & led devastating attacks on haciendas & sugar refineries, joining forces with Francisco Madero in 1911 to oust Mexican dictator Porfirio Diaz. But once Madero became president & ignored the landless peasants, Zapata united with Pancho Villa to advance the revolution. But a string of military defeats forced Zapata to confine his struggle to an area south of Mexico City.
1925 — F. Scott Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby is published. Eventually his best-known work of the Jazz Age, sales are disappointing. A dispassionate examination of blandness & emptiness in the lives of tycoons & flappers was acclaimed by critics, but was not a popular success.
1931 — Kahlil Gibran dies, New York. Lebanese born American philosophical essayist, novelist, mystic poet, & artist. Author of The Prophet.
"The man who hears & understands we call mad, & flee from him."
1937 — Bella Akhmadulina lives, Moscow. A distinctive poetic voice in post-Stalinist Soviet literature. Wrote Struna (The Harp String).
1938 — England: In Liverpool, Emma Goldman speaks on Spain at two meetings today & tomorrow: on the first day to a 1,000 people at an ILP-sponsored event; on the second to a small gathering of the Workmen's Circle. Communists disrupt both meetings.
During this month Emma suffers from shortness of breath, fainting spells, & general fatigue but remains extremely active. Herrera asks her to do all in her power to prevent the repatriation of the refugee Basque children (most of their parents are supporters of Loyalist Spain) from England to Nationalist Spain.
1941 — Paul Theroux lives, Medford, Massachusetts. Novelist (The Mosquito Coast), & traveler (The Old Patagonian Express among others).
1941 — US: “Hooverville” Burns. As the depression-era shantytown within a town is engulfed in flames, the smoke is visible all over Seattle. Hooverville encompassed 25 square blocks, bounded by S. Charles Street (almost to Royal Brougham Way) at the south & S. Dearborn on the north, Alaskan Way on the east, & Elliott Bay on the west.
1945 — US: Medical staff at an Oak Ridge, Tennessee hospital injects plutonium into the survivor of a car accident.
Thus begins an enormous (& until the 1990's, top-secret) US government program to investigate the effects of radioactive materials when injected into live humans, which did not end until the mid-1970's.
The program was expanded in the 1950's to include "Operation Sunshine", under which 1500 cadavers were stolen from locations around the world, in order to more comprehensively study the effects of radiation on the human body. As of this writing a total of 16,000 men, women & children are known to have been experimented on as a part of these studies.
Science equals progress, in the cause of humanity, hailed for its objectivity & value-free research, in practice. The future is even brighter as corporations & government & military take control of university researchers, & their results, across the nation.
1947 — US: Jackie Robinson becomes first African American in major league baseball.
Not to minimize the importance of Jackie Robinson, but he wasn't the first African-American in Major League baseball; he was the first in the 20th century, the first since the 1880s in fact. Moses Fleetwood Walker was the first African-American in Major League baseball.
1947 — US: FBI agents visit SAG (Screen Actors Guild) President Ronald Reagan & his wife, Jane Wyman, accusing them of belong to Communist front groups; to demonstrate his patriotism, Ronnie quickly agrees to become a secret informer.
1955 — Jesse Wallace Hughan dies. A War Resisters League founder & ran for public office on the Socialist ticket.
1959 — US: Utopian architect Frank Lloyd Wright dies, Taliesin West, Arizona.
Architecture is that great living creative spirit which from generation to generation, from age to age, proceeds, persists, creates, according to the nature of man, & his circumstances as they change. That is architecture.
— Frank Lloyd Wright, 1937
1959 — US: Unknown assassin fails in an attempt to shoot Governor J. Lindsay Almond, Jr. of Virginia.
1962 — Stuart Sutcliffe, 22, an original member of the Beatles, dies of cerebral paralysis, Hamburg, Germany.
Sutcliffe met Lennon at art school. Sutcliffe introduced Lennon to modern art & literature & Lennon introduced Sutcliffe to rock & roll. He joined the Beatles & played bass (McCartney was on rhythm guitar then). He left the band in 1961 & resumed painting because his headaches were getting too bad. By then he had given the Beatles the look that would soon charm the world, shaggy, brushed-forward hairstyles.
1962 — US: Baseball's Dodger Stadium opens, built by architect Captain Emil Praeger.
1963 — US: $45 million nuclear submarine Thresher implodes during a test dive east of Boston. All 129 aboard are lost.
1967 — US: Vietnam Week (April 10-15th): draft card burnings & turn-ins & anti-draft recruiter demonstrations, culminating in massive demonstrations in NY & Frisco opposing the Vietnam War.
1969 — France: Simone Larcher dies. Proofreader. With Louis Louvet, she published the newspaper "L'anarchie" until 1929.
1970 — At a concert in Boston, Doors singer Jim Morrison asks the audience, "anyone want to see my genitals?" just after a brief power failure.
Most everyone missed his opening line:
"& now I'd like to do my impression of the Governor of Arkansas."
1970 — US: Dirty Deeds?: A deed is prepared for the gift of Beloved & Respected Comrade Leader President Nixon's Vice-Presidential papers to the National Archives, & back-dated so the now-Beloved & Respected Comrade President Dick M. qualifies for an otherwise illegal tax deduction.
1971 — US: Women march on Pentagon to protest the Vietnam War.
1972 — France: Louis Laurent (1883-1972) dies. Trade unionist, member of the Revolutionary Anarchist Union & the Anarchist Federation of Languedoc in the 30s. Helped publish various libertarian journals, worked with the League of Conscientious Objectors & the CGT-SR (revolutionary trade union). Helped found "Libertarian" in 1968.
1981 — UN approves world treaty assuring no civilians shall be attacked with "napalm, mines or booby-traps." Defeated by US veto. Perhaps to "protect US Toy interests"?
"Saturation of unexploded submunitions has become a characteristic of the modern battlefield."
— US Military Procedures Report 5
"Toy-size bombs designed to kill tanks & soldiers appear as white lawn darts, green baseballs, orange-striped soda cans — & have proved deadly to children...
'When you see a 5-year-old boy come to the hospital without any limbs,'
asked Kuwait City surgeon Dr. Mohammad Khaled,
'how can you forget the sight?'"
1981 — England: Brixton Riots: Beginning of a weekend of rioting in the racially mixed section of London, known as Brixton. Young people set fire to buildings & cars, pelted cops with bricks, & looted stores. Roving gangs directly fought cops with bricks, iron bars & Molotovs.
Police did their best to blame anarchists, who had just squatted an empty shop at No. 121 Railton Road, & appeared the perfect patsy — but a bit difficult as the rioters were black youths with little familiarity with anarchism. Police immediately arrested ultra-pacifist & ultra-white Jim Huggon (a frequent speaker in Hyde Park, & associated with "Freedom" & "Peace News"). Huggon had a cast-iron alibi for the time he was alleged to have incited the riots, thrown petrol bombs & led an attack on the local police station — being some 20 miles away playing violin professionally in a church concert rather than instigating these wholesome activities.
1981 — Ireland: Imprisoned IRA hunger striker Bobby Sands elected to British Parliament during the 6th week of his hunger strike.
1984 — US: Senate condemns CIA mining of Nicaraguan harbors.
1984 — Australia: Zoe, first frozen-embryo child lives, Melbourne.
1996 — Germany: This month during the Squatter's Movement, which comes under heavy government attack for the next two years, the front house at Rigaer Strasse 80 is evicted, as is the Alt Stralau, which had been squatted in early 1995.
1997 — Former POW Douglas "Pete" Peterson is confirmed by the Senate as the first ambassador to Vietnam since the end of the war & the first ever to be posted to Hanoi. Vietnam's Le Van Bang is confirmed as Vietnam's ambassador to the US.
2001 — China: Communist government detains Wu Jianming, a US citizen, on charges of spying. Other ethnic Chinese intellectuals with American backgrounds recently arrested include Gao Zhan, Tan Guanguang & Li Shaomin. Speculation sees these as political rather than legal proceedings, the rationale for the arrests including efforts to find the anonymous compiler of the book The Tiananmen Papers.
2006 — US: Nationwide job & school walkouts & pro-immigration demonstrations for America's 12-million illegal immigrants. Funny country, where hard work can earn you hard time.
2006 — Colombia: Chiquita accused of arms transport for guerrillas.
The human rights tribunal TPP holds hearings against the multinational Chiquita, amongst others, because of their contacts with Colombian guerrillas. Also the US & Switzerland (Nestlé) are held responsible for allowing their multinationals to profit from the conflict in the country. The TPP thinks that employees in Colombia are being kept under pressure as companies use the guerrillas as agents to be able to cut labor rights.
In addition to paying paramilitary groups, the TPP believes evidence exists of Chiquita shipping, in 2001, 3000 AK-47s & ammunition to guerrilla groups in Córdoba & Urabá.
2008 — Hawaiianist Winona Kapuailohiamanonokalani Beamer dies, Maui.
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2013.02.07 14:23 Busth What will happen with 1.5??

We are about a month away from the JP release of KHHD 1.5 ReMix. And generally by a month away, a secured international release date has been set down if the game will make it out of Japan. Even with Jesse McCartneys video and twitter post we still cant be for certain that they are giving all us the game. What do you think Kingdomhearts? Will we get the game we so desire???
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2012.04.17 06:48 KCmarieMarie Tell me about yourself!!! Fun survey

Do it, please!! Read my answers then delete them and tell me bout you.
: 1. Would you have sex with the last person you text messaged?
No. It was my dad.
: 2. You talked to an ex today, correct? Nope
: 3. Have you taken someones virginity? In his eyes yes.
: 4. Is trust a big issue for you? Very : 5. Did you hang out with the person you like recently? I like no one : 6. What are you excited for? Getting healthy : 7. What happened tonight? I took Jamez to McDonalds but didn't eat. : 8. Do you think it’s disgusting when girls get really wasted? Not unless it's me. : 9. Is confidence cute? Confidences yes, cockiness no : 10. What is the last beverage you had? Sparkling H2O : 11. How many people of the opposite sex do you fully trust? None. : 12. Do you own a pair of skinny jeans? Quite a few... : 13. What are you gonna do Saturday night? Eating. : 14. What are you going to spend money on next? Gas most likely : 15. Are you going out with the last person you kissed? Negative : 16. Do you think you’ll change in the next 3 months? I better. : 17. Who do you feel most comfortable talking to about anything? My bed side journal : 18. The last time you felt broken? Constantly : 19. Have you had sex today? I wish. : 20. Are you starting to realize anything? Depression is a bitch : 21. Are you in a good mood? Never : 22. Would you ever want to swim with sharks? Yes. : 23. Are your eyes the same color as your dad’s? Nope. : 24. What do you want right this second? Food : 25. What would you say if the person you love/like kissed another girl/boy? I'd be pissed but I don't own or control his lips : 26. Is your current hair color your natural hair color? No it's shit. : 27. Would you be able to date someone who doesn’t make you laugh? No. Laughter is a cure. : 28. What was the last thing that made you laugh? I have no idea... : 29. Do you really, truly miss someone right now? Yes. Her name is KC Roberge. She's lost under the stars. : 30. Does everyone deserve a second chance? Most but not all : 31. Honestly, do you hate the last boy you were talking to? No : 32. Does the person you have feelings for right now, know you do? I have no feelings. : 33. Are you one of those people who never drinks soda? Yep : 34. Listening to? Angels and airwaves. : 35. Do you ever write in pencil anymore? Occasionally : 36. Do you know where the last person you kissed is? No : 37. Do you believe in love at first sight? Yea I'm certain that it happens all the time.., : 38. Who did you last call? Mom : 39. Who was the last person you danced with? My dance class : 40. Why did you kiss the last person you kissed? I was high. : 41. When was the last time you ate a cupcake? I have no idea : 42. Did you hug/kiss one of your parents today? No : 43. Ever embarrass yourself in front of a crush? Most likely : 44. Do you tan in the nude? No : 45. If you could, would you take back your last kiss? No : 46. Did you talk to someone until you fell asleep last night? No : 47. Who was the last person to call you? Mom : 48. Do you sing in the shower? Always : 49. Do you dance in the car? Always : 50. Ever used a bow and arrow? Back when I was an Indian princess : 51. Last time you got a portrait taken by a photographer? For a play : 52. Do you think musicals are cheesy? Hell yes. But I love. : 53. Is Christmas stressful? Extremly : 54. Ever eat a pierogi? Yes. Reminds me of my family. : 55. Favorite type of fruit pie? Any : 56. Occupations you wanted to be when you were a kid? Soccer player : 57. Do you believe in ghosts? Yes. There's one in my bonus room. : 58. Ever have a Deja-vu feeling? All the fucking time. : 59. Take a vitamin daily? Yes cuz I'm dying. : 60. Wear slippers? No : 61. Wear a bath robe? No : 62. What do you wear to bed? Classic pj : 63. First concert? Dixie chicks : 64. Wal-Mart, Target or Kmart? Wal-mart : 65. Nike or Adidas? Don't care : 66. Cheetos Or Fritos? Neither : 67. Peanuts or Sunflower seeds? Peanuts : 68. Favorite Taylor Swift song? She sucks ass : 69. Ever take dance lessons? Every day all day : 70. Is there a profession you picture your future spouse doing? Being fucking awesome. : 71. Can you curl your tongue? Yea : 72. Ever won a spelling bee? Fat chance : 73. Have you ever cried because you were so happy? Yea... I miss that. : 74. What is your favorite book? The giver by Lois Lowry : 75. Do you study better with or without music? Without but that never stops me : 76. Regularly burn incense? I should : 77. Ever been in love? I thought : 78. Who would you like to see in concert? Tom delonge : 79. What was the last concert you saw? Jesse McCartney : 80. Hot tea or cold tea? Hot : 81. Tea or coffee? Coffee is in my blood. : 82. Favorite type of cookie? Peanut butter : 83. Can you swim well? Not at all : 84. Can you hold your breath without holding your nose? Yes : 85. Are you patient? No : 86. DJ or band, at a wedding? Band : 87. Ever won a contest? Maybe : 88. Ever have plastic surgery? No : 89. Which are better black or green olives? Green : 90. Opinions on sex before marriage? Sex sex sex sex yes. : 91. Best room for a fireplace? The fireplace room... : 92. Do you want to get married? Don't care just want someone to love and be loved in return.
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2011.09.14 16:18 cyberjaym Gave sister access to Netflix account and this is what she watched...

I am allowing my sister to use my Netflix account so she can stream movies on her computer. As soon as I gave her this great privilege, I noticed that my suggested movies started to change. Netflix used to recommend documentaries and movies with dry humor (stuff that I'm into watching) and now it's recommending every Lifetime channel movie ever made. It was a nice surprise to learn about my sister's movie tastes as I was previously unaware of what she liked to watch. I don't condemn her movie selections but they made me laugh so I figured I'd share some of the forgotten classics that she has been viewing.
Recently watched:
  1. Title: Keepin' the Faith: Momma's Got a Boyfriend Synopsis: When Sylvia, a selfless, middle-aged widow, is urged by her career-minded daughter, Karen, to take a Mexican holiday, she invites her much-younger boyfriend to accompany them, prompting the shocked Karen to question her own values and faith.
  2. Title: Wild Cherry Synopsis: When a virginal high school beauty finds out that her football player boyfriend is only dating her so that he can sleep with her -- and add her name to a humiliating "Bang Book" -- she plots her revenge with the help of two gorgeous friends.
  3. Title: Chain Letter Synopsis: When a group of tech-savvy high school pals receives an electronic chain letter that demands they each forward the message or face consequences, they laugh it off as an online prank and delete the posts. But when the deranged sender of the message starts hunting them down one by one, they find themselves in a fight for their lives.
  4. Title: Keith Synopsis: Natalie (Elisabeth Harnois) is high school royalty, but her queen bee status falls apart when she falls for the new guy at school. Although Keith (Jesse McCartney) ignores her at first, they soon become friends -- even though Natalie suspects that Keith has something to hide. As the free-spirited Keith shows Natalie how to embrace what life offers, they grow closer -- until a secret tests the bounds of their relationship.
  5. Title: One Fine Day Synopsis: When Maggie and Sammy miss their school field trip, Maggie's divorced dad, Jack (George Clooney), and Sammy's divorced mom, Melanie (Michelle Pfeiffer), are forced to work together in this charming romantic comedy. Jack is a reporter with a big story to break, while Melanie is an architect with a presentation to give and a boss who hates kids. At first, the world-weary adults are at odds, but they warm to each other as the day progresses.
  6. Title: Second Chances Synopsis: It's been a dark year for Sunny (Kelsey Mulrooney), a 10-year-old girl who lost her father and the use of her legs in a car accident. But hope shines on Sunny when she and her mother move into the horse ranch next door and the girl befriends a crippled horse named Ginger. Watching over Sunny's journey of healing is the ranch owner, a former rodeo star named Ben Taylor (Tom Amandes). This family-friendly heartwarmer is based on a true story.
  7. Title: Revenge of the Bridesmaids Synopsis: Raven-Symoné and Joanna Garcia star in this comic romp as two pals who return to their hometown only to discover that their mortal enemy (Virginia Williams) is now engaged to their best friend's ex-boyfriend. Naturally, the girls aren't going to take this lying down. In the interest of true love, the pair conspires to halt the impending wedding and reunite the real lovebirds ... even if it means employing all manner of trickery and deceit.
Anyone else ever let someone use their Netflix account and find some "different" viewing history appear?
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2011.01.18 21:30 dnemer The Most Slept On Free Album of 2010. "More Merch" by MeLo-X

This piece of art came very late last year but it was good enough to make my top 5 favorite free albums of 2010.
Malcolm MeLo Mustafa X brings you his latest piece of work entitled "More Merch." Ever since MeLo's first Mixtape was released over 2 years ago he has steadily made a name for his self as a progressive DJ, Emcee, Producer, Audio Engineer, and Photographer. With every project there is a different theme, sound and feel. This project is the culmination of MeLo's life and travels around the world as well as the relationships he has encountered in the process. More Merch is not just a title but rather a frame of mind. This EP is more personal, more musical, more elaborate, more aggressive and more culturally driven than anything MeLo has put out to date. Take time out of your day do delve deep into the stories and sound scapes painted by MeLo-X. From Hip Hop, Soul, Electronic, and Reggae, to Instrumentals and Piano solo's this is the Progression of the MeLo Xperience. This is Experimental Free World Music More Merch was Written, Recorded, Produced, Mixed and Mastered By MeLo-X.
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2008.05.20 23:22 Gravy Is Jesse McCartney Dating Aubrey O'Day?

Is Jesse McCartney Dating Aubrey O'Day? submitted by Gravy to celebrities [link] [comments]

Jesse McCartney - Right Where You Want Me - YouTube Jesse McCartney - Leavin’ (Live on the Honda Stage) - YouTube Jesse McCartney talks new music, girlfriend, & the president! Jesse McCartney - 'Beautiful Soul' (Acoustic) [LIVE ... Jesse McCartney - Yours (Official Video) - YouTube Jesse McCartney talks about how he met his girlfriend ... Jesse McCartney - She's No You (Official Video) - YouTube Jesse McCartney - YouTube Jesse McCartney - The Quarantined Couple · Day 1 - YouTube

Jesse McCartney Girlfriend 2020: Dating History & Exes ...

  1. Jesse McCartney - Right Where You Want Me - YouTube
  2. Jesse McCartney - Leavin’ (Live on the Honda Stage) - YouTube
  3. Jesse McCartney talks new music, girlfriend, & the president!
  4. Jesse McCartney - 'Beautiful Soul' (Acoustic) [LIVE ...
  5. Jesse McCartney - Yours (Official Video) - YouTube
  6. Jesse McCartney talks about how he met his girlfriend ...
  7. Jesse McCartney - She's No You (Official Video) - YouTube
  8. Jesse McCartney - YouTube
  9. Jesse McCartney - The Quarantined Couple · Day 1 - YouTube
  10. Jesse McCartney and Katie Cassidy Pictures

Jesse Mccartney song to his girlfriend - Tell her - Duration: 3:09. SR92 93,937 views. 3:09. 50+ videos Play all Mix - Jesse McCartney and Katie Cassidy Pictures YouTube; Jesse ... Music video by Jesse McCartney performing She's No You. (C) 2005 Hollywood Records, Inc. #JesseMcCartney #ShesNoYou #Vevo Jesse McCartney performs 'Leavin’' live on the Honda Stage. American Honda is creating a new platform to discover and share music. From the Honda Civic Tour,... The official YouTube channel of Jesse McCartney - listen to my new singles 'Friends' and 'Yours' along with stripped down acoustic versions of both songs! 50+ videos Play all Mix - Jesse McCartney talks new music, girlfriend, & the president! YouTube; Jesse McCartney Talking About Fame - Duration: 21:41. Heather McCartney 34,121 views. 21:41. 50+ ... Music video by Jesse McCartney performing Right Where You Want Me. (P) 2006 The copyright in this audiovisual recording is owned by Hollywood Records Inc und... Day 1 of The Quarantined Couple with Jesse McCartney and Katie Peterson - watch more episodes below! Day 2: Day 3: http://youtu.b... The official music video for 'Yours' by Jesse McCartney - available now at Connect with Jesse McCartney! Site: http://jessemc... Jesse McCartney performs his hit pop song, Beautiful Soul. Hear more from SiriusXM VOLUME on our app, get a free trial here: Subs... The boys of BNO hung out with Jesse McCartney -- and of course, they talked about his lovely girlfriend! Watch to find out! #FridayMadness #BoysNightOut #BeT...